Best ways to fix your iPhone can’t connect to WiFi

Best ways to fix your iPhone can’t connect to WiFi

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Often times, your devices can cause you problems when they won’t connect with an existing Wi-Fi network, while all other devices seem to be on a joy ride. The worst thing is when your Apple iPhone and other Apple devices have such problem. If the iPhone problem connecting to Wi-Fi is something you have faced from time to time, here is a simple guide to help you tackle the problem.

While there are countless reasons why this issue keeps occurring, the most common could be something wrong with your device, router, or network settings. If iPhone problem connecting to Wi-Fi issues occur frequently, try these possible solutions to navigate through the glitch.

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Once you’re connected via Wi-Fi to a phone, it should display the signal when it’s in range. For example, when you enter your home, your iPhone will automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi. Check if you have recently updated iOS, if so, you may have changed the settings without intending to do the same.

Start by checking the router and phone antennas. If these are in order, try the other solutions instead.

Restart iPhone

The initial solution that comes to mind is to restart your phone when Wi-iPhone to connect to Wi-Fi issue appears. Sometimes minor connectivity issues will be resolved by simply restarting the device. You can restart the iPhone/iPad to check if the Wi-Fi signal is visible and the signals are in place. The technique mainly works by downloading all the corrupt data from the iPhone network. If you are still puzzled about this technique, follow these steps to help you reset your iPhone. The steps are relevant to the iPhone x and all models that follow the same.

  • Locate the side button on the iPhone. Press and hold this button until a “Power Off” notification appears on the screen.
  • Next, a slider is applied on the iPhone. Slide it.
  • Wait 30 seconds to turn off the iPhone.
  • Turn on your device with this same procedure by long pressing the side button.

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For iPhone 8 plus or any older model, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Locate the top button on the iPhone.
  • Press and hold this button until “Power Off” appears.
  • Turn off the iPhone by sliding “Power off”. Wait up to 30 seconds
  • Turn on the device using the top button again.
  • Once the iPhone is on, go to “Settings” and turn on Wi-Fi.

Try airplane mode

One more thing you can do is turn airplane mode on and off to see if the Wi-Fi is connecting to your router or not. This works to resolve the issue of iPhone connecting to Wi-Fi issue mainly. Follow these steps below-

Wi-Fi with Airplane Mode

  • Go to settings.”
  • Now click on “Airplane mode”
  • You can find the option to toggle the switch “ON”. This will disconnect all wireless radios. The iPhone/iPad has a chance to reboot.
  • Then disable “Airplane Mode” after a few seconds and see if the Wi-Fi is working.

Delete corrupt connections

There could be some other complicated reasons as to why the iPhone connecting to Wi-Fi issue persists. Delete the multiple networks registered on the phone first and stick to only your home and work networks.

  • Visit “Settings” on the home screen. Tap this and check all the Wi-Fi options.
  • Select Wi-Fi networks to forget your passwords.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and also restart iPhone.
  • Once the iPhone restarts, visit “Settings” and turn on Wi-Fi.

Reset iPhone network settings

  • Reset settings on iPhone to fix iPhone problem connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Tap on “Settings”.
  • Click on the “General” tab.
  • Now select “Reset” by scrolling down.
  • Reset Network Settings appears on the screen. Play the same.
  • Enter the access code. Confirm the same.

How to reset network settings on your iPhone

The iPhone takes a while to reset its settings. Once done, reconnect with your Wi-Fi network.


These techniques will work to solve the problem of iPhone connecting to Wi-Fi. Keep your carrier settings update handy. These should never go unnoticed. Good luck.

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