iPad as a camera is not stupid, it’s what we need

iPad as a camera is not stupid, it’s what we need

Forget the stigma attached to taking photos with a tablet. Yes, seeing someone holding a giant iPad while everyone around them is holding standard-sized phones is amazing. That is why we need to normalize and accept it, for various reasons. More importantly, there are people with mobility and visual limitations who would benefit significantly from having a great camera in a device the size of the new iPad 2022.

I don’t just mean a better camera, I mean a camera that’s as good as anything you’d find on the best iphone. The base model iPad could have the same camera as the base model iPhone 14. The iPad Pro would use the iPhone 14 Pro camera. So not just the best tablet camera, but a camera that could be featured in our best camera phones ready.

Woman using iPad to take a photo of a boat

Use an iPad as a camera (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The new iPad Pro (2022) got a camera upgrade this year, in an unusual way. The camera module remains essentially unchanged from last year, however the Apple M2 chip inside has a new image signal processor and new hardware encoding/decoding capabilities for a number of video codecs. All of this makes it the first iPad capable of recording 4K video in Apple’s ProRes format.

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