What new features does it offer?

What new features does it offer?

OPPO brings its new F21s Pro smartphone to Bangladesh on Oct 10, 2022. It is the follow-up device for OPPO F21 phone. The company has organized a sunset selfie contest to showcase cutting-edge camera enhancements and top-notch selfie capabilities of the F21s Pro. Let’s take a look at the key specifications, advantages, Y cons of OPPO F21s Pro.

Oppo F21s Pro Key Features


The Oppo F21s Pro stands out from the crowd when it comes to looks. In a sea of ​​dazzling back panel phones, the Oppo F21s Pro flaunts a faux leather back, ensuring a quality and unique look. Feels good to the touch and absorbs stain stains.

A rectangular primary sensor with silver and black paint is located in the upper left corner of the device. This module has three lenses and an LED flash. The side frame of the camera module contains LED light around it, which OPPO uses as a notification light and likes to designate as an orbit light. When you receive a call, notice or connect the device so that it can be charged; flashes in various colors.

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The screen of the Oppo F21s Pro 5G occupies most of the front of the device. There is a cutout for a selfie camera in the top left corner of the screen. The bezel surrounding the screen is quite thin.


The screen of the 5G variant of the Oppo F21s Pro is 6.43-inch AMOLED and offers Full HD+ resolution. The display achieves superb blacks and brilliant colours, living up to the promise made by its specs.

Although this is a positive screen, the refresh rate is much slower than its rivals. It has a 90Hz refresh rate, which makes for a nice experience, but if you compare it to a panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, you’ll notice a significant difference.

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The amount of light available here is satisfactory. OPPO smartphone can reach a maximum brightness of 800 nits, which allows you to be seen even in strong sunlight.

OPPO has made it possible for owners of the F21s Pro to stream the highest quality media possible on their phones by ensuring that the device has the necessary DRM Widevine L1 certification.


Three sensors are located on the back of the Oppo F21s Pro camera, while one is located on the front.

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The rear camera setup consists of a 64MP wide-angle primary camera plus a 2MP sensor (f/3.3; 65° FOV; 3P lens) for macro and a 2MP sensor (f/2.4; 89° FOV; 3P lens) ) for monochrome images.

The 64MP main sensor has an f/1.7 aperture, 79° FOV, 6P lens, and open-loop focus motor. The camera produces decent images with a decent amount of sharpness. As with other OPPO cameras, the colors on this one have a bit more oomph. The main rear camera has excellent dynamic range as it can record many shades of color without being blown away.

While the main sensor struggles in low light, it produces high-quality photos in well-lit environments. Photos often appear chaotic and lack detail in low light. Furthermore, the damage is done by the absence of OIS. The Oppo F21s Pro camera is a competent photographer for daytime photography.

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The 32 MP front camera also offers impressive photos. The selfie shooter features an f/2.4 aperture, 85° field of view, and a 5P lens. No focus motor has been used in this camera.


The Oppo F21s Pro model comes with up to 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM. To handle the entire load, it uses a Qualcomm SoC called the Snapdragon 680. It’s not the strongest chipset in its category.

In terms of gaming performance, you should play games known as BGMI at medium settings, but for optimal results you should use smooth visuals and medium frame rates. It may be wise to keep your goals in check if you like to multitask.

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The Oppo F21s Pro runs ColorOS 12 Skin, an operating system based on Android 12, right out of the box. Although OPPO has made progress, there is still a long way to go until OPPO achieves perfection. Pre-installed bloatware can still be removed at the user’s discretion. OPPO has it packed with features, left, right, and center.

battery and charging

Although the Oppo F21s Pro’s 4,500mAh battery isn’t the largest in its class, it offers standard performance. Despite being continuously connected to the internet, it lasts a day. Battery life depends on user usage. Therefore, users easily get more standby time if the device is not used much.

OPPO includes a 33W charger in the package to recharge the battery. The battery should recharge from empty to full in approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

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Oppo F21s Pro price in Bangladesh

The Oppo F21s Pro 5G is officially available in Bangladesh. The official price of the phone is BDT 29,000.


The square shape and faux leather back of the Oppo F21s Pro 5G phone will appeal to OPPO fans. Apart from the stylish look, another asset of this phone is the FHD AMOLED screen on the front. The battery performance is, among other pleasant aspects. The camera is on par with the competition’s price range and does not disappoint.

The Snapdragon 680 is the only problem. Despite being a competent chipset, it performs poorly under heavy loads. If you rarely use your phone for strenuous activities, you may want to consider this attractive phone. It is preferable to consider other possibilities if you like to play.

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Overall, those looking for a stylish phone for regular tasks and imaging below mid-range price levels may want to consider OPPO F21s Pro.

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