Which one should you get?

Which one should you get?

Apple introduced the latest iPhone 14 series on September 7, which consists of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 plus, iPhone 14 ProY iPhone 14 ProMax flagship devices. The iPhone 14 standard series is powered by the Apple A15 Bionic chip and comes in several new color options. By contrast, the iPhone 14 Pro series is powered by the latest Apple A16 Bionic chip and received a new Deep Purple hue.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the new iPhone 14 color options and explain which one you should get and why. We have some great articles on the best cases for iPhone 14 and 14 Plus devices, and the The toughest cases for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max flagships


What Color iPhone Should You Get?

Apple’s current generation iPhone 14 series is available in various colors. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are available in five colors: blue, purple, midnight (black), Starlight (silver/white), and red. The flagship iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are available in four colors: Deep Purple, Gold, Silver, and Space Black.

Choosing between all these options can be difficult, especially if you like two of these more than the others. We understand that choosing the perfect color can be difficult, but we often advise users to choose the one that best expresses their unique personality. If you’re into fashion, it’s also worth considering whether a bright purple device would suit you and your wardrobe, but thankfully, that’s not something a case or sleeve can’t fix.

What matters at the end of the day is that you choose something you like and show your unique self. Things don’t always have to match perfectly, which makes things more fun.

The best iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus colors


The iPhone 12 introduced the bold new blue color, and Apple has been working to tone it down ever since. As a result, the new Blue is more subtle and fits perfectly with the rest of the series and the other pale colours. The new blue shows us that it’s a smart and attractive color and it goes perfectly with the black bezels on the front.


The Purple is a newly introduced shade for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, and it’s pretty light and pale. It’s the perfect color to show off your classy, ​​elegant, and smart side, and it can look good on you anytime, anywhere. This shade of pale purple is one of the most requested colors for the iPhone 14 series and Apple brought it back in 2022.


Midnight is the stylish equivalent of black and is one of the most popular colors. This color is often chosen by most users as it matches all clothes, cases and covers and is our go-to choice if you are looking to change the look of your phone from time to time with a new case or cover. It’s an elegant and smart colour, but we understand that it’s not for everyone due to its simplicity, as it could be considered “boring”.


Starlight is the other most popular color along with Midnight. It is a silvery, off-white tone, and it goes with everything. The new Starlight color is slightly off-white, making it appear more subtle and unique in some ways. If you are looking to spice things up, we recommend this color as it will stand out everywhere.


Apple played with the tone of its unique red color over the years, and now we have a more vibrant pale red color that stands out even more, although some people will call the iPhone 8’s red color the best shade, including me. . If you want to show off then (PRODUCT) RED is the color you are looking for as it is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with its bright and bold hue.

It is also worth mentioning that Product Red iPhone contributes to the global fund that helps fight the COVID-19 virus.

Apple iPhone 14
GDP iPhone 14 Midnight

The iPhone 14 joins the market as the smartphone to choose if you want a high level of performance, great cameras, and battery life that will see you through a day of use with ease.

Apple iPhone 14 plus

The iPhone 14 Plus comes in as the device to choose over the iPhone 14 if you want the same high-end performance and great cameras, with the added bonus of a screen that will help you see more at once and longer battery life.

The best iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max colors

Dark purple

Deep Purple is the cool new shade for iPhone 14 Pro series in 2022 and it looks gorgeous. He has a dark shade of purple and his dark color makes him look smart, elegant and unusually attractive. It’s one of the most unique colors we’ve ever seen on an iPhone and it goes with all clothing and accessories.


Gold is now considered a classic color as it has been featured on iPhones for many years. This year’s Pro series received an extra bright shade of yellow and gold, making the device stand out even more. It’s one of the most popular colors in the series, and the frame is extra-gloss for even more eye-catching.


The silver color is also a classic and has been offered for the iPhone for many, many years. It is one of the most popular colors, and although it is less flashy than the color gold, it is often preferred because it does not stand out as much, but still stands out in a crowd.

black space

Space Black is perhaps the most common and popular color in the series. You can never go wrong choosing this; All cases will perfectly match dark and bright sides. It’s the easiest color to choose and certainly one of the most stylish and smartest shades we’ve ever seen.

Which iPhone color will you choose next and why? Let us know in the comments below!

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro is the brand’s latest premium smartphone. It features a new pill-shaped ‘Dynamic Island’ notch, 48MP main camera sensors, an A16 Bionic chipset and much more. Check out all the deals on the device using the links below.

iPhone 14 ProMax

The iPhone 14 Pro is the brand’s latest large-screen premium smartphone. It features a new pill-shaped ‘Dynamic Island’ notch, 48MP main camera sensors, an A16 Bionic chipset and much more. Check out all the deals on the device using the links below.

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