Half of India’s smartphone users are looking for new devices; Shipping slip 3Q

Half of India’s smartphone users are looking for new devices;  Shipping slip 3Q

Almost half of smartphone users in India say they plan to buy new devices, says technology analyst firm Counterpoint Research, adding that these findings come as the country prepares to build its first 5G network.

However, 5G capability was only third on the list of attributes users were looking for in future purchases, the poll found, while it ranked tenth in importance for current purchases.

Many Indians shop for new gadgets at this time of year, as one of the country’s major festivals, Diwali or the festival of lights, falls in October.

The survey was published on the same day that another team of analysts, Canalys, published figures that showed that India, the world’s second-largest smartphone market, had shipped 6% fewer devices year-over-year in the third quarter of 2022, a figure of 44.6 million units. This drop was attributed to a lackluster low-end segment.

Counterpoint’s survey found that devices from Samsung, Apple and OnePlus topped the shopping list for those planning to buy new smartphones. It was not mentioned whether the answers were requested before or after the news of battery problems with older Samsung models it came to light.

The amount these users put aside for a new phone ranged from Rs20,000 to Rs30,000 (Australian $378 to $568), Counterpoint said.

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“Samsung users have the strongest brand loyalty with 51% of users using Samsung as their previous device also using Samsung currently,” Counterpoint said. “Furthermore, 43% of current Samsung users prefer the brand for their next smartphone purchase.”

The survey was based on responses from 1,075 users collected using quota sampling methodology. Results have a statistical accuracy of +/- 4%.

When it comes to Q3 shipments, Xiaomi remained in first place with 9.2 million units, Samsung was second (8.1 million), while vivo and Oppo were third and fourth, shipping 7.3 million. and 7.1 million units respectively. realme fell to fifth place, selling 6.2 million units. OnePlus sales are now counted alongside Oppo.

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Canalys analyst Sanyam Chaurasia commented: “Oppo’s OnePlus and vivo’s iQOO were the two brands driving mid-range growth in the e-commerce channel during this period. Ultra-premium category smartphones, especially ships flagship from previous generations, they also saw a strong demand boost amid price cuts.

“Samsung offered deep discounts on its previous generation Galaxy Z Fold3 and the latest Galaxy S22 series on online and offline channels. Similarly, demand for the aggressively discounted iPhone 13 outpaced the latest iPhone 14, whose value proposition is very similar to the previous one.

Regarding the survey, Counterpoint said its goal was to understand changing consumer trends and choices across past ownership, current ownership and future preference for smartphones.

“Based on respondents’ previous smartphone ownership, the price band of ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 was the sweet spot. For current smartphone ownership, the sweet spot rose to the ₹15,000 to ₹20,000 band. And for respondents’ future smartphone purchases, the price band shifted further between ₹20,000 and ₹30,000,” it said.


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