All these apps are compatible with Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro

All these apps are compatible with Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro
Apple has entered into the iPhone 14 Pro one of the most interesting novelties for its smartphones in recent years. Dynamic Island is chosen not only to replace the annoying notch, but also to provide a more information the user about different aspects of the mobile.
Check the status of connected devices, change songs with the music player, answer an incoming call… All this while changing shape depending on the content, but its possibilities are about to expand considerably with the iOS version 16.1the version that ends up bringing all the the most important news that the company announced at WWDC.

Dynamic Island improves your iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16.1

Among the most interesting novelties of the iOS 16.1 update of the iPhone operating system are the Live activities for Dynamic Island on your iPhone 14 Pro. In short, they consist of notifications that appear for a limited time on the lock screen and that are continuously updated. For example, when ordering food through an app, you will receive a notice that the order is ready and then another that it is on its way, along with the delivery time.

There are also more striking uses, such as the option to see the result of a soccer match in real time. However, this function will not arrive in Spain at the moment, although others such as stopwatches, training monitoring, Uber trips will. A endless options that you can get the most out of your iPhone 14 Pro and its Dynamic Island with these apps:

  • Screw: View the rest time of your training.
  • PiqueroTrack: breastfeeding timer control.
  • carrot time: Track nearby storms.
  • Coach: AR Calisthenics & Hiit: follow the training.
  • coffee book: follow the times and steps of the coffee preparation.
  • Crouton: Cooking Companion: View timers and recipe steps.
  • dark noise: Starts and stops sounds.
  • fat burning tracker– view and manage workouts
  • IVFIT pulse heart rate monitor: Track workouts: Track workouts
  • Flighty – Fast Flight Tracker: Flight tracking: flight tracking.
  • Focus time management: Focus timers.
  • Forest: focus for productivity: Keep track of your concentration stats.
  • Groceries – Smart Shopping List: tracking of purchases and cooking times.
  • GoodTask – To Do List, Tasks: upcoming tasks and things to do.
  • Landscape: Mountaineering: Real-time activity tracking with graphs.
  • Lifting Exercise Tracker: watch live training.

Dynamic Island iPhone 14

  • Search: English dictionary: access recent words and search and scan functions.
  • lumy: Tracking solar events.
  • Mango Baby – Newborn Tracker: newborn tracker and timers.
  • MD Clock – Clock Widget: view alarms.
  • MoneyCoach budget and expenses: track expenses and categories.
  • OffScreen – Less screen time: view the progress of the study.
  • OneWidget – Lock Screen Widget– Adopt pets, display health data and app launchers.
  • Paddle Logger for water sports: Check the status of water activities.
  • Access Codes – Password Manager: View two-step authentication codes.
  • Mortar: Recipe Organizer: management of recipes and timers.
  • Reality Tasks: Kanban and To-Dos: follow-up tasks.
  • slopes: Ski & Snowboard: follow the real-time statistics of the exercise.
  • bitter: live match information,
  • sports alerts: Set alarms up to 6 hours before the game.
  • Structured – Daily Planner: check long ago.
  • Sticky timers and countdowns: Keeps track of multiple timers.
  • Time is over! – Visual Timer: control and management of timers.

As you can see, most of these features are directly related to the management and control of activities along with timers. Therefore, there is not a wide variety of purposes, which is bad news for users who expected great features. At the moment, it only remains to wait to see if its possibilities increase in the future, since perhaps the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro leaves something to be desired.

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