Amazon’s new Kindle has completely changed the way I read

Amazon’s new Kindle has completely changed the way I read

As someone who writes for a living, I’ll admit I don’t read as much as I should, at least when it comes to real books. On a daily basis, most of my reading is done through various online news outlets, but that’s pretty much a part of my job. In my free time, I just find it hard to make time to pick up a book and read (and even write creatively).

I loved reading books when I was younger, and when electronic readers they first became popular in the early 2000s, I thought they were fantastic. I bought my first Kindle over 10 years ago and I liked the fact that I could take a collection of books with me everywhere. But eventually I got lazy with reading books. And so it remained for about a decade. But then I had the opportunity to see the Kindle (2022) this year, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot more than I thought. In fact, it has basically rekindled my love of reading.

A small and compact collection of books in my hands.

Amazon Kindle (2022) Store
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I bought my first Kindle many years ago. But back then, Kindles were a bit taller, and maybe still very light, but still big enough to be noticeable when you throw one in your bag.

One of my favorite things about the new Kindle is the size: it’s incredibly small and light with a 6-inch screen. In fact, I can slip it into the pockets of my coats and hoodies, and I have no problem slipping it into my Tom Bihn Small Café bag or one of my many Loungefly mini backpacks. Because it’s so compact, I can really take it with me everywhere, and it’s so light that I often forget it’s there. It’s similar in size to a typical paperback, except it’s much thinner, less bulky, and can hold an entire collection of books, not just one title.

This new Kindle also offers 16GB of storage, which is four times the amount of storage on the previous iteration. I’m not sure if I’ll ever come close to filling all of that, but it’s great not having to worry about running out of book space. I’m trying to read at least a book or two every month since I got my new Kindle, so 16GB should be more than enough space.

And since a new Kindle purchase includes three months of Kindle Unlimited service and Prime members get access to Prime Reading, I’ve discovered a lot of titles I didn’t know about. I think after my trial is over, I can continue subscribing to Kindle Unlimited, just because there are so many hidden gems to discover. Plus, it would continue to provide me with a constant stream of things to read.

A backlit display with dark mode

Amazon Kindle (2022) Dark Mode
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I prefer to read before bed as it helps me fall asleep eventually. The problem though is that my old Kindle from back in the day didn’t have a backlight on the screen; if you wanted to read in the dark you needed a clip light of some kind, how tedious.

Fortunately, those days are behind us thanks to the Kindle; even the base models now have a backlight. Sure, it may not be the brightest since it only has four LEDs compared to the 17 LEDs on the Kindle Paperwhite and 25 with him Kindle Oasis, but it’s good enough to allow me to read, especially in direct sunlight or even in a dark room. And speaking of dark, despite being the basic version, the Kindle now has a dark mode, which makes it even better when reading at night. With dark mode, you won’t disturb your sleeping partner with a bright white screen in total darkness. The only caveat is that you have to adjust the backlight manually – there’s no ambient light sensor like on higher-end models, but that’s fine by me.

No distractions

Amazon Kindle (2022) reading view
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Although it is not impossible to read on a smartphone, as the iPhone 14 Pro that I mainly use, are full of distractions. You have social networks, games, messages, emails and everything else under the sun. I mean sure, you could use something like Apple focus modes to stop such distractions, but still, I usually end up looking for other apps or things to do once my brain wanders.

The best thing about a dedicated e-reader like the Kindle is that there are no distractions. You only have your book, a digital library and nothing else. For someone like me who can get distracted easily, using a single-purpose device like the Kindle is just what I needed to fully immerse myself in a good (or bad) book like I used to.

An entry-level Kindle that gets the job done

Amazon Kindle e-ink display (2022)
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Amazon has several different Kindle models available, including the Paperwhite and Oasis, as well as the new Scribe. Those models have plenty of extra features, like more LEDs for the backlit display, IPX8 waterproof ratings, auto-adjusting ambient light sensors, cellular connectivity, and even stylus support in Scribe. They are more expensive, but they can also do a lot of extra things.

But if you just want to read, the Kindle base model is plain and basic, which are great features for an eBook reader. For $100, this Kindle is a fantastic upgrade from any previous model you’ve been using, or even a great first Kindle. Its simplicity makes reading an absolute joy, and I’ve been doing my best to set aside some time every day, mostly before bed, to read a bit. Whether it’s just a few pages or several chapters of whatever book you’ve chosen, amazon new kindle It has made me love reading books again.

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