Halloween ideas to keep your children safe

Halloween ideas to keep your children safe

Halloween ideas come in all kinds. What are the best Halloween costumes? What are the best places to trick-or-treat? How many sweets can I eat before the children wake up? So many questions and so little time. With Halloween is coming next weekI want to share some of my favorite Halloween ideas to keep your kids safe while they’re wandering the streets taking candy from strangers.

I can remember when I was 10 years old and running up and down the streets in every hour on halloween night collecting candy unsupervised until everyone turned off their lights. I can even remember a time when a random townhouse in a nearby complex turned their house into a haunted house, and we walked in unsupervised, not caring about Strange danger.

Being a mom in 2022 is a lot different than when I was a kid, so I’ve been looking for some Halloween ideas to avoid the trouble I got into as a kid, or worse. When we were young, we could go as far as we wanted, as long as we wanted, and no one batted an eye. These days, the idea of ​​letting my 11-year-old niece walk home from school alone seems like a stretch, let alone going door-to-door unsupervised. We trick-or-treated with an 11-year-old, two 7-year-olds, and a 3-year-old, and I can’t stop thinking about the day they don’t want mom to take them out anymore. .

Now, I’m not mad about that. I’d love to snuggle inside and reap the benefits of the sweet treats when they come home from a night of laborious trick-or-treating. Yes, there are benefits to getting your kids through it, especially in Hallowe’en, but I can’t say I don’t mind letting them roam alone at night. Because of this, I have been reviewing some common technologies that we could use on Halloween night to keep our children safe.

Here are my favorite Halloween ideas to keep your kids safe:

smart phones

Halloween ideas to keep your children safe

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I know a lot of kids today who don’t have their own smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with this. Many people choose to wait until high school to get their own devices for their children. However, I’d argue that if your kids are starting to trick-or-treat, or go anywhere, on their own, it might be time to hand them a smartphone, even if it’s just for emergency calls.

The thought of my children getting into trouble, being in danger, or simply getting lost crosses my mind often when I think of sending them out on their own. On Halloween there will be a lot of people around and a lot of excitement in the air, so a lot can go wrong.

You don’t have to give your kids the most expensive phones on the market. the Xiaomi 12Lite is $439, the redmi note 11 is $326, and the Google Pixel 7 it’s $599. That compares to phones like my Samsung Galaxy S22+ for $1469.99 or the S22Ultra from $1649.99. If this doesn’t work, let your child borrow your smartphone in the evening. It costs nothing, so this could be one of the Halloween ideas that could give both of you some peace of mind.

FOB Tracking

Halloween ideas to keep your children safe

This sounds like a helicopter dad, but hear me out. We put tracking FOBs on our keys, in our wallets and even on our remotes. Why not equip your child with a tracker on Halloween night? Depending on your child, you may want to make sure he’s not somewhere he’s not supposed to be – I spent a lot of nights in random fields when he was supposed to be at a sleepover or something similar.

More importantly, though, this will only ensure that your kids are safe while trick-or-treating on Halloween night. In case something happens, you will be able to access your smartphone and check its location in an instant. They come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. one of the most notable brands of tracking FOBS is Roof tile. Other big companies like Samsung to have their own versionsbut you can also get on Amazon and find lesser known versions for a fraction of the price. They can even be here quickly, making it a great Halloween idea to keep them safe!

Smart Watches

Halloween ideas to keep your children safe

I’ll be honest, although they do make smartwatches small enough for kids, and even brand name ones marketed directly to them, I don’t love the idea of ​​my kids constantly plugging in or counting steps. However, this is one case where a smartwatch can come in handy. Just one of many Halloween ideas to keep the little ones safe. Not only will it let you know where they are at any given time, but you can also check when they get home and see where they went.

Although a tracking FOB does something similar, for just a little more money you can get a smartwatch that has all sorts of other features, but still keeps tabs on your kids. There are some options out there. fitbit manufactures the Versa 4 for $299.99, charge 5 for $199 and Sense 2 for $399.40 that everyone uses their own GPS instead of their smartphone. The Garmin vívofit 4 activity tracker does too, and it’s the more affordable option at $87.99. You can really splurge and see the google pixel Clock for $449who does what everyone else does, and then some.

These Halloween ideas may seem over the top, but technology is becoming more and more common in our daily lives, and why not use it if it can add a layer of security to our children’s lives? Trick or treating is no more insecure than when we were kids, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use what’s available to us. Keep your kids safe and your mind at ease with these Hallowe’en ideas to keep your children safe!

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