Samsung Galaxy S23 camera: everything we know so far

Samsung Galaxy S23 camera: everything we know so far
Samsung has long been among the top manufacturers when it comes to phone camera quality, so some enthusiasts may already be wondering what the heck the Galaxy S23 series will bring to the table with its camera.

Well, last year the Galaxy S22 introduced some new camera sensors on the regular models and a bunch of small tweaks on the S22 Ultra, all of which served to improve low-light photography. This year, rumors are that most of the improvements will be focused on the main cameras that will come with the new Galaxy S23 series, making it even more powerful and versatile than before.

Samsung Galaxy S23 camera updates: What to expect

Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to finally feature one of Samsung’s 200MP sensors for its main camera. More specifically, Samsung’s high-end flagship could allegedly get the 200MP ISOCELL HPX sensor. It is said to be 1/1.3-inch in size, with a larger aperture than before at f/1.7 (meaning it will be able to capture more light) and a pixel size of 0.6μm.
This new super high resolution sensor will supposedly allow the Galaxy S23 Ultra to take extremely detailed images with its full 200MP capacity in very bright conditions. However, it will also automatically group pixels into larger ones, to capture more light in darker conditions. So that would be 50MP photos in medium lighting environments and 12.5MP photos when very little light is available.
As for video, the ISOCELL HPX sensor is said to be capable of 8K 30FPS and dual HDR while recording in 4K and FHD, which basically means the phone will be able to capture (exposed) images in more even lighting.

As for the rest of the cameras on the S23 Ultra, for now it seems that they remain the same as before. So that would be 10MP, 10x and 3x zoom telephoto cameras, and a 12MP ultra-wide snapper. There is no information about the front camera yet.

Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ Camera

The information that has been leaked for the camera system of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ is much less compared to its more expensive sibling, but at least both are expected to get the same 108MP main camera that is currently found in the Galaxy S22. Ultra.

Even if the rest of the cameras on the S23 and S23+ remain the same (which seems to be the case for now), having the main camera on the current high-end model trickle down to next year’s more affordable options isn’t a small improvement. absolutely. The S22 Ultra’s 108MP sensor comes with an f/1.8 aperture and its pixels are 0.8µm in size.

To keep things simple, though, if the S23 and S23+ do eventually get the main camera from the Galaxy S22 Ultra, that means we can expect low-light and detail improvements, as well as better video quality.

How many cameras will the new Samsung Galaxy S23 have?

Samsung will most likely continue with the same set of cameras for all of its flagship Galaxy S23 models next year. That would mean a four-camera array on the Galaxy S23 Ultra: a main camera, a 10x periscope telephoto lens, a 3x telephoto lens, and an ultra wide-angle camera. For the Galaxy S23 and S23+ it would be the main shooter, a 3x telephoto lens and an ultra wide angle lens.

Samsung Galaxy S23 camera: how many megapixels will it be?

These are the expected megapixels for each camera in the Galaxy S23 series:

Keep in mind that all of these are based solely on rumors and leaks, so take them with a grain of salt as always.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Updates:

First 200MP camera sensor in a Galaxy

The new Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to come with one of Samsung’s own 200MP camera sensors, powering its main shooter. For now, it’s thought to be the 200MP ISOCELL HPX sensor, which should bring much better detail, improved low-light performance, and possibly other advantages to Samsung’s Ultra model.

Regular models get the main camera from the S22 Ultra

It’s somewhat likely that the regular models, namely the Galaxy S23 and S23+, will get the same main sensor for their main cameras as found in last year’s Ultra model. If so, it should be a significantly noticeable jump in image quality and camera performance compared to predecessors.

New front cameras for regular Galaxy S23 models

There have been some rumors that the Galaxy S23 and S23+ will finally get new selfie shooters. The new ones are said to be 12 MP, which is just 2 MP more than before, but there’s a lot of information other than the megapixel count that we don’t know yet, so the improvements may be much bigger than it seems.

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