Apple Black Friday 2022 deals: Watch, AirPods, Mac and more

Apple Black Friday 2022 deals: Watch, AirPods, Mac and more

Published: 2022-10-26T15:26:40

Updated: 2022-10-26T15:26:49

Looking for the best Apple Black Friday deals? We’ll cover you with everything you need to know before the big day. We’ll cover Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac computers, and much more.

Does Apple celebrate Black Friday?

apple never does black Friday directly. They may run a sale themselves, but very rarely is it a strictly Black Friday-themed sale.

While we likely won’t be linking to the Apple Store this November, you can expect to see some discounts over the last couple of years. Apple products elsewhere.

Amazon Y Best Buy they’ve been routinely putting everything Apple up for sale for the last year or so. MacBooks, watches, and Airpods have all seen drops before, and we anticipate they’ll see bigger discounts this Black Friday.

The thing to keep in mind is that Apple is in the process of updating its devices, which usually means that the big retailers end up cutting the price of the old version. MacBook Airs with the M1 chip can be found for less than $800 at some sales, as the M2 version needs more space on warehouse shelves.

Apple MacBook Black Friday deals: what to expect

This year has seen the launch of M2what’s new from apple chip which will be divided into the same three versions seen in the last generation. M2 is currently installed in new laptops like the 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iPad Pro.

We anticipate this November to see the launch of the M2 Pro and M2 Max alongside the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro update. That means all of last year’s models will drop in price while still being fully viable machines.

We recommend avoiding the 13-inch MacBook Pro, as it has been launched to a resounding no-holds-barred audience. This is partly because it keeps the same old case and doesn’t have any of the new features.

What this means, however, is that you should see a price drop this Black Friday, along with the MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Pro 13”. Shelf space is vital and anything that doesn’t change quickly will be on the chopping block.

As for MacBook Pros, the 14-inch has seen regular price drops, while the 16-inch should see its first proper price drop. this black friday.

Apple iMac Black Friday deals: Is it time to pick up a Mac Mini?

What’s happening desktop machines? While we haven’t seen the Mac Studio go on sale, the other two pieces of hardware, the Mac Mini (M1) and iMac (M1) will see definite price cuts. The iMac is ideal for studentswhile the Mac Mini will be great for anyone who wants a cheap way to get into the macOS ecosystem.

Apple Watch Black Friday deals: our predictions

People love the Apple Watch and yes, it will be on sale next Black Friday. The thing to note about the Apple Watch is that it comes in a variety of flavors, offering budget SE versions to the new ultra version.

The Ultra won’t be on sale, we don’t think so, but you should see the last of the Series 7 stock start to roll out this Black Friday. We’ve already seen Amazon sellers try to move units at higher discounts, so expect a repeat later next month.

Some stores may cut back on the 2022 update, but we’re not holding our breath for a Series 8 Apple Watch sale this year.

AirPods Black Friday deals: Pro, Max and more: what to expect

Second generation AirPods Pro on a deskdexerto

Apple’s AirPods are immensely popular and are often the target of many Black Friday deals. Expect to see places like Best Buy and Crutchfield start slashing prices on lingering Airpod Max and older models of regular Airpods.

we don’t think that Airpods Pro 2 You’ll see some kind of significant discount, but since the margins between buying and selling from a for-profit store are often higher than the rest of Apple’s products, they could see some kind of small savings applied.

Apple iPhone and iPad Black Friday deals: Don’t expect an iPhone 14 deal

iphone 14 pro notch

With the iPhone 14 just released, many stores with leftover products from the hugely popular 12 and 13 ranges will be doing their best to move units this Black Friday.

This also includes any iPhone Minis and the latest SE models, which didn’t sell too well or were overproduced.

As for iPads? The 2022 model of the regular iPad looks a bit underwhelming, but all of last year’s M1 Pro models saw deep discounts in early October, so we’d make the case for not buying one until Black Friday.

The M1 is going to be required to use stage manager, Apple’s new method of bridging the gap between laptop and tablet on the iPad. While it won’t start for a while longer, it’s probably best to get second best to be ready.

Black Friday Apple TV deals: Forced into price cuts

Apple TV will be an almost concrete option to go on sale this Black Friday. The little box is often the overlooked product in Apple’s lineup, but it’s a great set-top box for watching your favorite shows.

Also, if you’re someone who’s integrated into the Apple lifestyle, it makes more sense than the variety of Amazon Fire TV dongles that will eventually go on sale this Black Friday.

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