Foxconn COVID-19 Outbreak Inside Plant; affects the production of the iPhone 14

Foxconn COVID-19 Outbreak Inside Plant;  affects the production of the iPhone 14

A reported Foxconn COVID-19-The company confirmed the 19 outbreak in Zhengzhou, known locally as iPhone City, with some impact on iPhone 14 production.

However, Apple’s top iPhone assembler says the number of cases is low and iPhone 14 production remains “relatively stable.” foxconn has introduced strict lockdown rules to minimize the spread…


Foxconn is Apple’s main iPhone assembler and its Zhengzhou campus is the company’s largest plant. Foxconn’s iPhone production plant has about 300,000 workers, with many other Apple suppliers based in the city.

Porcelain it still maintains a zero COVID-19 policy, attempting to completely eliminate the virus from the country by imposing citywide lockdowns in response to even a handful of positive tests.

In an attempt to pursue this policy without destroying the economy, China allows what is known as closed loop productionwhere staff work, eat and sleep on campus during closures. The last confinement in the whole city I was back in May, a month later iPhone production stopped in a previous outbreak in Shanghai, but a partial lockdown is now in place.

Foxconn COVID-19 Outbreak

China South Morning Post (SCMP) last week it reported that Foxconn had introduced even stricter-than-usual controls at its Zhengzhou plant, suggesting an outbreak of COVID-19 within the campus.

The world’s largest iPhone factory, run by Foxconn Technology Group in central China’s Zhengzhou city, has imposed tough Covid-19 control policies, such as closing its dining room for dinner, to keep production running as normal. amid a new outbreak that has put part of the city under lockdown.

Foxconn Zhengzhou Campus […] has banned eating at home and asked workers to bring their meals to their bedrooms from 3 p.m. on Wednesday, according to a notice on the factory’s official WeChat account. […]

As of this week, Foxconn’s Zhengzhou workers are only allowed to travel along certain routes within the campus, with many entrances closed in a de facto lockdown.

The company have Today I confirm.

Foxconn Technology Group has confirmed that the world’s largest iPhone factory, in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou, is dealing with a small outbreak of Covid-19, but said production remains “relatively stable”. […]

“For the small number of employees affected by the pandemic, Foxconn, in compliance with local epidemic prevention policies, provides the necessary guarantees for livelihood, including material supplies, psychological comfort and responsive feedback,” the company said in its statement. .

“Operations and production at the Zhengzhou park are relatively stable and health and safety measures for employees are maintained,” Foxconn added. “At present, the epidemic prevention work in Zhengzhou is progressing steadily, and the impact on the group is controllable.”

Social media reports suggest many workers are unhappy with Foxconn’s handling of the situation. Posts from inside the plant say the number of positive tests is increasing every day and the company is not doing enough to isolate affected workers. There are also complaints about lack of medicine and food for those who are in quarantine.

An employee was being interviewed by the SCMP on a chat app when he had to interrupt because he had just been informed that his test had come back positive.

The 9to5Mac Take

It seems unlikely that China still persists in believing that it is possible to eliminate COVID-19 from an entire country, let alone the most populous country in the world. Yet a city of 10 million people has been placed on partial lockdown for just 23 cases. This latest report suggests that there may be more infections inside the plant than outside it.

Closed-loop production helps keep businesses running, but only at the cost of appalling working conditions for staff, who are unable to return home to their families for weeks and are forced to split their time between working and spending the night. while in their bedrooms.

we have previously seen MacBook Pro workers riot about lockdown conditions, with the general population growing increasingly frustrated by the zero COVID-19 policy. So far, however, the government shows no signs of giving up an approach that is as cruel as it is ineffective.

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