If you have bought an iPhone 14, these accessories are essential

If you have bought an iPhone 14, these accessories are essential

If you just bought an iPhone 14, you are most likely looking for accessories to attach to your new terminal.

Well, we are going to help you, since we will show you some of the best accessories selling right now to protect or complete everything offered by the new Apple terminal.

The accessories will not only focus on the protection of the mobile phone, but we will also see how to solve any lack that you find as soon as you open the device’s box, in addition to providing you with help that can be extremely interesting.

But hey, let’s leave the preliminaries and see what are the accessories that best fit the new edition of Apple’s phone.

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Screen saver

The new device of the Cupertino brand needs, as it appears, a screen protector that guarantees that the panel will last a plusthat is, longer than the first day.

The most advisable thing is to be able to get hold of a protector, the first thing, fits the device perfectly leaving no part of the panel uncovered, which resist scratches and bumpswhat makes us advise you to be from tempered glass (9H hardness), and that also allows us to handle it without problems.

Fulfilling all these premises, we will have a high-quality screen protector, which is a plus, and we will enjoy our device with iOS 16 to the max.

Spigen Glas.tR EZ

protective case

The design of the iPhone 14, despite being continuous, is very attractive and that is why we consider that a the cover that is transparent will be the best will fit to this terminal.

But we must talk about covers that allow the use of the MagSafe system. This is one magnetic technology developed by Apple which is integrated into iPhone since version 12. This has created an ecosystem of accessories of easy connection that allow a faster wireless charge, in addition to simplifying the use by the user.

MagSafe is a series of controlled magnets around the internal charging coil of the iPhone that is capable of detect the accessories that are compatible and connect them firmly and securely without using any type of cable.

That is why it is important that our cover is compatible with this system and that it allows us to use it if we acquire any accessory of this type.

ESR case

MagSafe card holder

One of the MagSafe accessories that we can incorporate are card holders that we can carry on the back of the device, using this system to hold it.

exist several different models and of different brands that use this system to be placed on the back of the iPhone. some are plastic, but others have much more packaging, since they come in leather, yes, vegan.

Spigen Valentinus Card Holder

MagSafe battery

Another product that we can take advantage of the MagSafe system is a extreme battery that we will place in the back of the terminal, so that it can be recharged automatically, without us having to hold anything, since with the magnets the hold is spectacular.

They will be recharged through Qi wireless technology to one 15W speed. This system is going to be a great comfort, since we will be able to continue carrying the phone wherever we want while it is charging.

ESR HaloLock

MagSafe Car Mount

We can still get more out of this MagSafe technology, but this time for our car.

we will be able to buy a support to be able to carry the phone in the car, which at the same time will act as Wireless charger of the iPhone.

Thanks to this technology, we simply bring the phone closer to the support and they will automatically connect wirelessly to start charging. In addition to harness magnets of which we have told you so that during the trip the phone never detaches from the support.

belkin support

MagSafe wireless charger

For when you have to charge your new Apple terminal at home, you can also opt for the typical charger that plugs into the wall, which we will talk about later, or do it by wireless system directly.

There are many models that manage to charge the iPhone wirelessly, being those that are placed on the table as if they were a coaster for you to place the terminal on top or is there others that are more beautiful in terms of designthat fix the phone in a vertical position.

Apple MagSafe ChargerBelkin Charger

Charger for iPhone 14

As you may have noticed when you opened the box of your new Apple device, the charger is no longer includedso you will have to buy it separately.

The positive of all this is that we can decide for ourselves which charger we want, including its design, its power, since the iPhone 14 can supports up to 30W charge, in addition to the brand we want.

Anker USB-C

Fitness MagSafe

The MagSafe system has even served so that there are brands that take accessories that can help us perform physical exercise in the gym so that we have our phone nearby.

This type of accessory will allow us to place the phone on the bar of the exercise bike or in a strategic place on the bars of the weight area. In other words, our phone can accompany us in the gym, but not exactly in our pocket.

Belkin Support

AirTag Locators

yes normally you are a person who loses the keys and you don’t know where you usually leave them, having a air tag locator will be your salvation.

This is a small device that is integrated into the Apple search network, it allows you to we can locate anything even if it is miles away where we are from

We will be able to go to the place where it tells us that we have lost it and thanks to our iPhone 14, and its integration of ultra-wideband technology, we will be able to point it out very precisely and get to the exact place where you are.

The other positive part of this accessory is that the autonomy is approximately one year, being able to change the battery at the time we want. To be able to carry it with the keys, we can buy a cover.

Apple AirTagAirtag Keychain

As you have been able to read, there is a great variety in terms of accessories that we can take advantage of for the new device that Apple has launched on the market.

You can tell us through our social networks which accessory or accessories you have purchased for your new iPhone 14.

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