How Apple’s renewable energy investment will decarbonize the entire supply chain

How Apple’s renewable energy investment will decarbonize the entire supply chain

Multinational tech giant Apple has asked its suppliers to run on 100% renewable energy, while offering customers the option to charge their phones with only green electricity.

Under its program of working toward carbon neutrality across its business, supply chain and product lifecycle by 2030, Apple is asking its suppliers to use renewable energy only for processes and activities related to the manufacture of Apple products.

To help achieve this, the company will work with suppliers to support the change and will also invest in clean energy facilities around the world.

The technology company has been carbon neutral in its global corporate operations since 2020, and said it will now track its manufacturing partners’ progress annually to ensure decarbonisation strategies are implemented across its broader footprint.

The company recently displaced some of its iPhone 14 production to India from China, and analysts believe This latest push for renewable energy consumption, waste reduction and increased use of recycled materials will reduce supply chain exposure to energy and material price volatility.

To enable suppliers to achieve these goals, the company requires suppliers to report their Scope 1 and 2 emissions and reduction levels, as well as offering free e-learning resources and live trainings through its Clean Power Program. , with more than 10 supplier representatives. have participated in live training this year.

It also said it is working closely with local suppliers and partners to identify solutions for renewable energy use and carbon removal opportunities.

Apple said it plans to donate these resources to a public training platform that will be free to companies in any sector or industry, whether part of its supply chain or not, as a means of accelerating the transition to 100% clean, climate-neutral energy. carbon.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “Fighting climate change remains one of Apple’s most urgent priorities, and moments like this put those words into practice. We look forward to continuing to work with our suppliers to make Apple’s supply chain carbon neutral by 2030. Climate action at Apple doesn’t stop at our doors, and in this work, we’re determined to be a ripple in the pond that creates a bigger change.

The company also announced plans to facilitate the construction of large-scale solar and wind projects in Europe, between 30 and 300 MW in capacity, following a request for proposals earlier this year. Over the next few years, the company aims to source enough renewable energy to power all Apple devices on the continent with low-carbon electricity.

These investments are part of the company’s overall strategy to address its carbon footprint both upstream and downstream, including the 22% of carbon emissions caused by customers charging their devices.

Starting in October, iPhones in the US will have a new green power charging-only feature. The option uses AI to analyze users’ charging behaviors and compare them to times when the national grid is most likely to transmit electricity from renewable sources. By turning this setting on, phones will only be able to charge when green power is available.

Apple has also announced several climate-focused projects, including a partnership with the China Green Carbon Foundation on building networks to increase the quantity and quality of responsibly managed nature-based carbon sinks; and a partnership with ChangemakerXchange to strengthen climate action and leadership in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

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