iPhone 14 Pro sales are strong but can’t beat rising inflation, Apple cuts 1Q23 production to 52 million units, says TrendForce

iPhone 14 Pro sales are strong but can’t beat rising inflation, Apple cuts 1Q23 production to 52 million units, says TrendForce

Looking at Apple’s sales in 2022, the company began to adjust the proportion of new products after the initial wave of pre-orders. The market response after the launch of the iPhone 14 Plus was lukewarm, intensifying Apple’s product tuning process.

The iPhone 14 Pro series boasts upgraded specs, but unit prices are the same as last year’s models, making pre-orders for the Pro series very popular. In the past, the Pro series was the first choice for the first wave of users. Also, the delay in the release of the 14 Plus this year has led to more concentrated buying than in previous years. TrendForce indicates that the production ratio of the two models of the iPhone 14 Pro series has increased from the initially planned 50% to 60% and it cannot be ruled out that this ratio will continue to increase to 65% in the future. Currently, the overall share of new iPhone models in Apple’s shipments will remain at 36% and the company’s iPhone shipment target for 2022 is 240 million units, an annual increase of 2.8% . TrendForce notes that as the US continues to raise interest rates to curb inflation, undermining consumers’ disposable income, Apple’s manufacturing performance will feel these effects in 1Q23. Production is expected to shrink to 52 million units from a previous estimate of 56 million units, a year-over-year decrease of 14%.

As geopolitical pressure mounts, major smartphone brands accelerate migration of production lines out of China

Recently, the US Department of Commerce increased sanctions on Chinese chips and the export of semiconductor equipment. Although there are no restrictions on smartphone production centers, as the friction between China and the United States intensifies, smartphone brands that focus on the North American market are bound to strike a balance between sales and origin of the product. According to TrendForce research, as Apple has a leading 50% share of the US market and has also made India a production hub in recent years, it is estimated that the share of Apple’s Indian production will exceed 5% in 2023 and will increase year after year. by year.

Specifications of new high-end iPhone models to see more differentiation in 2023

Looking ahead to the iPhone 15 series, TrendForce indicates that Apple will maintain a release schedule of four new dual-processor models to further differentiate between standard and high-end models. In terms of specifications, in addition to the comprehensive change from Lightning to Type-C connectors that is already known, there is every chance that the Pro series will feature an upgrade of memory capacity to 8GB to match its new processor and continue with the camera spec improvements, including upgrading its main camera to 8P and using a periscope lens on the Pro Max model. As for Apple’s internal 5G modem, the company will continue to use a Qualcomm model because the millimeter wave signal test results cannot meet Apple’s requirements. The company’s self-developed 5G modem is expected to be officially unveiled in 2024.

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