Is the iPhone 14 really worth it?

Is the iPhone 14 really worth it?

Despite all the hype around it, the new iPhone only offers a few significant updates. So should you buy it?

The new iPhone is here. With all the poise and fanfare, Apple’s latest innovation of a product known for its style is finally available for purchase. And probably not worth its price, even though it is comparatively low end for an iPhone, valued at $799.

Don’t get us wrong; iPhone 14 comes packed with some useful features, like its security updates that let you send emergency SOS messages if you’re stuck in an area with no network. This is especially useful in case you like to hike or travel to remote places a lot. However, if that’s the case, you could even do just fine with a satellite phone that arguably does a more reliable job, as the iPhone 14 hasn’t been tested by average users in that regard.

Also, according to some reviews, the iPhone 14 is a replica of the iPhone 13S with minor improvements.

So what’s new with the iPhone?

Although it might have been criticized for its similarities, the iPhone 14 is not a totally lost cause. Here are some drool worthy new features of the telephone:

1. best selfie camera

It is well known that a phone’s camera is one of its most essential aspects, especially in this social media driven world. The iPhone 14 stands out in that regard, offering slightly better camera quality than 1080p. Your photos are more detailed than those taken with the iPhone 13, and you can shoot 4K video, whereas previously you could only do it in HD. Also, the phone has a longer battery life than before. These are some notable technical updates, even if they aren’t game-changers.

2. Accident detection

If you’re in a car accident, God forbid, you can count on your iPhone 14 to be your savior (at least in theory, no one has tried it yet…which is probably a good thing). In the event that the phone detects or feels the impact of a crash, it will first, like a good friend, ask you if you are okay. If there is no response from you, it will call the SOS emergency services in your area.

Accident detection
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3. Satellite Phone Features

Surprisingly, the new iPhone is fit to appear in an episode of the American TV show Survivor, where people are left in a forest to fend for themselves. We say this because the new iPhone 14 comes with satellite phone features, allowing you to communicate with people if you run out of network while walking, hiking, or just in a remote area. Yes, it’s setting you up to thrive in the wild or foreshadowing a pretty grim future, like the apocalypse. (Does Apple know something we don’t?)

Four. No more physical SIM trays

Because bringing out trays is so old-fashioned. Now is the era of everything going digital, and SIM cards are not exempt. On US models, the iPhone 14 allows people to include up to eight eSIMs, with two active at a time. With the iPhone 13 you can also have two active eSIMs. However, realizing that the entire world isn’t on “e-” everything, Apple is leaving SIM card trays for phones outside the US.

5. Easier to fix than previous iterations

Not to question this great feature, but why should phones be hard to repair in the first place? Personal dilemmas aside, a mobile repair website has dubbed the iPhone 14 “the most repairable iPhone in years,” and that’s saying something. If you really needed an excuse to buy the iPhone 14, aside from its excellent survival skills, by all means, make it this.

So is the new iPhone really worth it?

Frankly, it depends. If you already have a newer version of iPhone, you can expect in buying this. After all, it offers no significant performance improvements. However, if you haven’t bought a new one in a long time and these features agree with you, go for it!

In summary-

The similarity of the new iPhone 14 to the iPhone 13 is probably what prompted Apple to discontinue the latter. Overall, the phone seems to be losing its appeal, with revealing statistics a 2.4% decrease in its market share in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter. Instead, Samsung reigned with a 21.8% market share when Apple only conquered around 16%. apple too reduced production of new iPhone 14 phones, given the drop in demand.

So if you’re looking to trade in your phone, maybe you’d be wiser to consider a few Cooler and more affordable alternatives, although less well Nothing Phone and Doogee S98 Pro.

And if you want to wait, you never know; the iPhone 15 could come loaded with more security skills, like a theft deterrent or an external plug alert.

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