Ji-ho comes to Sang-eun’s rescue

Ji-ho comes to Sang-eun’s rescue

Love in contract, or MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySat is a South Korean romantic comedy-drama written by Ha Gu-dam and directed by Nam Sung-woo. The series stars Park Min-young, Go Kyung-pyo, Kim Jae-young, and Kang Hyung-suk in lead roles. The series has a duration of 16 episodes and love in contract Episode 12 is 65 minutes long.

– Love In Contract episode 12 recap contains spoilers –

In love in contract Episode 12, Kang Hae-jin discovers the articles about Sang-eun’s past while appearing for a live interview. He is caught off guard and his managers begin to panic. On the other hand, Sang-eun is on a date with Ji-ho and is worried about how he will react to him. Ji-ho only cares about how Sang-eun feels about it and nothing else. He trusts that she will manage on her own.

Love In Contract Episode 12 Park Min-young
Still from Love In Contract Episode 12

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Hae-jin and her boss discuss the next step with her lawyer, Ji-eun, who suggests that they should blame Sang-eun for cheating on Hae-jin. Hae-jin doesn’t like the idea at all and opposes it. Gwang-nam was worried about Sang-eun, but she leaves the house in confidence. She visits Hae-jin and tells her that she will take the blame for everything, just as Ji-eun had suggested. Hae-jin tells her that she won’t feel good about it and that she won’t.

Meanwhile, Gwang-nam meets Ji-ho and tells her about Sang-eun’s relationship with the Ina group and also that Ji-ho is the only one who can save Sang-eun now. Ji-ho calls Ji-eun himself and asks for a favor. Ji-eun is not happy about it, but he has to put aside his personal feelings to help his client. Ji-eun declares at the press conference that Sang-eun and her ex-husbands have divorced on good terms and that he has chosen Hae-jin as his last love. Also, he announces that Hae-jin has accepted her past.

Love In Contract Episode 12 Park Min-young
Still from Love In Contract Episode 12

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Sang-eun wants to keep her distance from Ji-ho for a while because she doesn’t want her to suffer. However, when he finds out that he didn’t bring a present for his colleague’s birthday, he shows up at the party. She tells the truth to her colleagues and confesses that she likes Ji-ho. Now, Sang-eun just has to finish his work with Hae-jin. She shows up at her house and after her last meal, she tells him her breakup story. Sang-eun couldn’t handle the public attention, it would be the reason why they broke up.

Love In Contract episode 12 ending

Ji-ho found details about the Ina group’s illegal business dealings and also the timeline that Sang-eun was adopted. He meets with his manager and tells her that he is going to report them for child abuse. He calls Yoo Mi-ho and asks her to meet him. Yoo already knows who Ji-ho is and is ready to make a deal with him. However, on the way to meet Ji-ho, a car comes running towards Madam Yoo and Ji-ho jumps out of it to save her.

Love In Contract OST: Close To You by Stray Kids Seungmin

Love In Contract Episode 12 Review

love in contract Episode 12 brings out a different side of Ji-ho. The timid judge can put himself in awkward situations when it comes to helping his mistress. This is the power of love and there couldn’t be a better way to show it. Ji-ho is mature, understanding, and trusts Sang-run, however, nothing about her is easy to trust and understand. The entire episode screams that this is what true love looks like.

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