5 lessons from the chaotic leadership of former British Prime Minister Liz Truss

5 lessons from the chaotic leadership of former British Prime Minister Liz Truss

With a head of lettuce outlasting Liz Truss’ leadership tenure, here’s a look at what her resignation teaches us about management.

If you haven’t been living under a metaphorical rock, you must have heard all about Britain’s political drama and the UK media’s deranged demolition of the people involved (see: the BBC’s hilarious Instagram reel on the leadership of Liz Truss).

Many recent British leaders have become infamous for his somewhat unfortunate outings. In September, Boris Johnson similarly resigned, facing public pressure after his many scandals undid him. Liz Truss replaced him, vowing not to resign, then promptly resigned within six weeks of October 20, 2022. With Truss came a terrible recession in which the pound took a huge plunge, shocking inflation led to high prices and a ball of lettuce began to mark her. time on the job.

There is certainly much to learn about what NOT to do when in a leadership position. Here are our main conclusions:

1. Modern problems require modern solutions

One of the economic plans introduced by Truss was a US$50 billion unfunded fiscal plan which was aimed at lowering taxes on the wealthy. His ideology was that if the country cut taxes on the rich, its impact would flow from the top down, also known as the “drip growth effect”, bringing positive influence to all classes.

This tactic was inspired by the reign of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. But keep in mind Thatcher was in power in the 1980s. Truss failed to realize that sometimes old solutions, no matter how successful they may have been, have to be left in the past.

As managers, you need to understand that just because a policy seems to have worked in the past doesn’t necessarily mean it will work now or years from now. Know when to recycle and when to leave the past behind.

2. Choose your words well

“I am a fighter, not a deserter”, Truss declared during a speech in parliament just one day before his resignation. A powerful statement at the time, it gave the media and people enough fodder to mock her mercilessly after her resignation.

As a leader, you simply cannot rule out the possibility of failure, no matter how good you are. You can’t let success go to your head, so when writing speeches, make sure you don’t say anything that others may have against you or your image later. It may end up impacting your future proposals and may even make you look fake.

3. Think before you quit

Just as you shouldn’t let success go to your head, you should keep failure from going to your heart. Yes, sometimes the only option is to quit. Before resorting to that, however, consider other options, such as renewing your policies, consulting with your teammates, and drafting a comeback plan. You can rebuild your reputation, just as an actor. Johnny Depp did after his defamation case.

4. Listen to the critics

Rest assured, few people accepted Truss’s decisions sitting down. From social media memes to press conferences, people mercilessly criticized the former leader’s economic agenda. However, she continued, No listening experts and citizens express their dismay at his plans. In the end, he lost credibility and, eventually, his position.

5. Take responsibility

Humility came to Truss as a last resort. Throughout her tenure, she remained overconfident in her plans, firing, rehiring, and firing members of her own team, depending on how agreeable they were to her. She wanted to be surrounded by a team of “yes” people who validated her role but who could also be thrown under the bus.

Truss fired his foreign minister Kwasi Kwarteng and reversed all his economic plans. He was everywhere until finally he received constant calls asking for his resignation. Now, a year from now, a third Prime Minister has been installed: Rishi Sunak. sunak had predicted the failure of Truss’s plan, and now he has a chance to take the UK in a different direction. The task that lies ahead is enormous. He will be successful? We guess he’ll have to keep his eyes peeled for the next few months. And hopefully, the country won’t need another lettuce to keep time for this one.

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