Samsung’s new update makes the Galaxy S22 work more like the iPhone 14; Android and Apple users argue about it

Samsung’s new update makes the Galaxy S22 work more like the iPhone 14;  Android and Apple users argue about it

As stated multiple times (with previous stories), I don’t think it’s inherently wrong or bad for a phone maker to take some cues from another company in creating their software or hardware. Quite the opposite, in fact: I totally agree, as long as those changes are helpful to users and add to their experience rather than detract from it.

For example, we’ve seen plenty of “copycat” stories in the industry that haven’t proven to be particularly successful heists:

But there are what I call “good influences” or “good steals”, and that’s what we seem to have with Samsung’s new One UI 5 software on top of Android 13, which Galaxy S22 users and future Galaxy owners S23 are doing well. now, or very soon!

Surprisingly, we don’t actually need to dig too deep to find the positive iPhone 14 and iOS 16 influences that Samsung took in putting together One UI 5 for Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 – it’s all there on the lock screen!

The most notable influence of iOS 16 within the One UI 5 lock screen is the ability to choose and customize the wallpaper and clock styles. Not that the option to choose a new wallpaper and customize widgets from the lock screen is so new; what reminds me of iOS 16 is Samsung’s design options. The clock and wallpaper style selection menus now closely resemble the ones in iOS 16 and iPhone 14 when it comes to function and design: fonts and colors.However, Samsung is SamsungYou’ll also have more customization options than even available in Google’s own version of Android 13 or iOS 16, which is a brilliant touch. For example, you can choose whether lock screen notifications will be shown in a detailed preview or just as icons; You can also adjust the transparency level of those notification popups, automatically invert the text color, etc.

You can also resize lock screen widgets like the clock, which is something you can’t do on the pixel 7 either iPhone 14 Serie. Samsung even lets you choose the bottom left and right icons you have on your lock screen (although this feature has been around for a while).

The new wallpaper style customization in Galaxy has an iPhone touch.

Moving on, another aspect of One UI 5 that is heavily inspired by iOS and iPhone is the Wallpaper customization style within your Galaxy’s wallpaper settings.

For starters, you can see how Samsung categorized the wallpapers in One UI 5 by “Featured”, “Gallery” and “Graphic”. The entire layout is also very similar to iOS, showing you wallpaper previews, thumbnails, and scrolling carousels.

Interestingly, it’s Apple’s wallpaper picker that looks the most feature-packed here, giving you the ability to Photo Shuffle, create new wallpapers from emojis, use the Weather app as your wallpaper, or even use dynamic Astronomy wallpapers with options to see the Earth, the Earth in detail, the Moon and the Moon in detail, as well as the solar system.

One UI 5 on Galaxy S22 now lets you stack widgets like you can on iPhone; Smart Suggestions are like Siri Suggestions on iPhone

Unlike One UI 4, which gave you limited widget stacking options, just like iOS 15 and iOS 16, One UI 5 now gives you more freedom when it comes to the apps you can use to create stacked widgets (now you can create stacks using different apps). In case you didn’t know, Samsung’s “stacks” are widgets that you can slide around instead of having to pack your home pages with multiple widgets that take up a lot more space. Think of widget stacks as the swiss army knife of widgets!

One UI 5 of Galaxy S22 also brings a smart suggestions widget that contains multiple applications, the ones you use most often, so you can access them in the blink of an eye. If that sounds familiar, that’s because iOS 16 already offers pretty much the same thing, which Apple calls Siri Suggestions / App Suggestions (not sure why we need two names for this, Apple?).

I like Apple’s version of the widgets better though, as it seems to be a bit more polished, at least on the surface. For what it’s worth, Cupertino App Suggestions also lets you choose Shortcut Suggestions based on your usage patterns within certain apps. You can set shortcuts to open a certain page in Safari, search Google Maps, display the weather at your location, or send a Tweet.

New Select Tool and Select Text from Image Options on Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 take inspiration from iPhone and iOS

Samsung’s current and future flagship phones running One UI 5 will now let you select text directly from images and copy it. And Samsung’s photo editor now allows you to create cutouts/stickers of subjects by circling or selecting them.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because Apple introduced the equivalent of those features in 2021 with iOS 15. They’re called live translation and “Raise a subject from the background of the photo” – I’m not sure of the name of the latter…

live translation (which, as the name suggests, can also translate text from photos in real time) also came as an Android 12 feature, or at least the Google (Pixel) version anyway, so Samsung is a bit late to the party. .

However, Apple’s version of these two functions is much more advanced. When it comes to “Lift subject from photo background”, all you need to do is long press on the subject, which is then automatically detected; then you can manually take it to the app you want or copy and paste. And starting this year, you can select text to copy and translate not only from photos but also from videos on iPhone, which is super impressive.

Samsung’s revamped Galaxy routines are like the focus modes on the iPhone 14

Replacing what used to be Bixby Routines, the new Modes and routines The feature in One UI 5 can now be used to trigger action sequences on your Galaxy, which can help the phone adapt to different parts of your day.

You can use different routines to create a specific sequence of actions/settings, notification filters, and app limits that can be toggled at any time or set to automatically trigger based on what you’re doing, the time, or your current location.

Again, if that sounds like you, it’s because that’s more or less how focus modes work in iOS 16 and iPhone 14, letting you block notifications, limit app usage, etc. all at once instead of having to fiddle around. with those settings one by one. a.

Samsung, Android and iPhone users react to One UI 5’s new iOS-inspired software features

It’s important to note that, as Twitter user Entro stated, Samsung Galaxy flagships have already shipped with a version of all these features before.

The interesting thing is that Samsung simplified, duplicated and is now openly highlighting these features only after Apple showed some interest and focus on those aspects of the software – the strange thing is the timing. Other than that, the visual and functional resemblance (how the One UI 5 features look and work) to iOS is uncanny, and this is why I allow myself to see it as “inspired”.

It’s also quite ironic how, for example, iPhones never had widgets before 2021, but after Apple rolled them out, Android phone makers decided to follow the Cupertino widget concept.

Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 will share some software features with the iPhone 14, but Samsung is still the king of Android customizations

In the end, I’m not bothered by “who copies who”, which means I’m very happy that some of the best features of iOS 16 are now also in the Galaxy S22 and will soon be in the next Galaxy S23. For what it’s worth, Samsung’s One UI 5 also brought some other features that other (Android) phones have had for some time. One of them is the option to add a watermark to your photos.

Of course, as of right now, Samsung isn’t associated with any major camera brands, so the watermarks just say “Galaxy S22,” which means they don’t look as fancy as the Xiaomi-Leica labels. that we can find in centered in the camera Xiaomi 12S ultra.

The most important thing for current and future Galaxy users is that One UI remains one of the most feature-rich versions of Android (if not the most)! For example, Samsung (still) absolutely smokes Google and Apple when it comes to pro-grade camera app options and controls (now with the new astrophotography option, among a bunch of other updates). As another example of Samsung’s focus on abundance, Galaxy literally lets you create GIFs from your own videos!

And don’t get me started on Android 12L and the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which are on a whole different level of “cool and functional.”

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