South Houston shut out Dobie for the first time since 1969 in a 28-0 upset

South Houston shut out Dobie for the first time since 1969 in a 28-0 upset

Why didn’t anyone tell Pasadena, Sam Rayburn, Pasadena Memorial and South Houston about five years ago?

South Houston shocked the Pasadena ISD football neighborhood Friday night by handing Dobie its first PISD loss in five years as the Trojans broke the Longhorns’ 20-game winning school record with a convincing 28-game victory. 0 at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

“I had to show it to the seniors. It was my first time doing it,” said South Houston junior quarterback Kam’ron Webb, who scored two of the team’s four touchdown runs with runs of 5 and 4 yards. His 5-yard shot came in pouring rain with 4:15 left in the first half.

Now like that, South Houston went from having a slim chance of making the state playoffs in early October to securing a state playoff spot in late October. Head coach Patrick Longstreet, who won his 20th game as Trojans head coach, the first South Houston head coach in 10 years to do so, was ecstatic to say the least.

“I’m proud of the guys. We thought we had a good game plan. We knew they were a good team, talented running backs. Unfortunately, a kid got hurt last week, Raynard Hall. Hopefully, he’s okay.” “I’ve been saying all year that Kam Webb is the best football player in this district. I think he showed that tonight and how he led the offense, played great defense with an interception, second effort,” Longstreet said.

Should there be a three-way tie at the end of the regular season next week between South Houston, Dobie and Memorial, the Trojans are based on the tiebreaker system between the three. With 18 points representing the most a team can earn from a win, the Trojans are now a positive 11. Dobie is at zero and Memorial is at negative 11, meaning the Mavs would be eliminated.

The only way Memorial can now keep its season alive is by beating first place Channelview. If South Houston loses to Deer Park, leaving the Trojans 3-3 with Dobie, South Houston still advances while the Longhorns stay home based on Friday night’s upset.

How ironic that it was South Houston that last beat Dobie, a 34-7 victory essentially five years ago, before the Longhorns got their 20-game winning streak against neighbors PISD.

As for the shutout, that’s an impressive achievement and that’s an understatement. Dobie has played 569 games since his debut and it is only the sixth time an opponent from Pasadena ISD has held the Longhorns scoreless. Sam Rayburn did it three years in a row (1969-1971), while Friday night was South Houston’s first since a 21-0 win on Oct. 31, 1969.

It had been a whopping 15 years since any Pasadena ISD opponent had shut out Dobie, Memorial being the last to do so, winning 44-0 in October 2007. In all, the Longhorns went 61 straight games without being eliminated by an El PISD’s enemy goes down the drain.

“That’s what we worked on all week was gang boarding number 2 and number 4 because they’re very fast. I think the weather helped us a little bit. It kind of limited what everybody could do, so that played into our favor. But we “I think we have some good guys on defense. The number 11, Jeremiah Sheppard, played very well. Mi’Jai Mickles, 23, my God, he played very well. That was our focus all week and we were able to execute on that,” Longstreet said. He said.

Dobie, finishing his regular season with a 4-6 record, had a serious scoring threat all night. The team was at Troy’s five-yard line with a new series of attempts and about to tie the score 7-7 when a two-yard loss, a one-yard loss, a four-yard gain and an incomplete pass on fourth. down gave South Houston the ball in the fourth.

A second reason Dobie couldn’t find the scoreboard was because South Houston’s offense ate an important clock. The team’s shortest scoring drive was seven plays. The other three were for 15, 11 and 10 moves.

Combine that with no coughed balls and no penalty. They had a foul that erased a Webb touchdown from long range, but the team recovered with a 35-yard pass from Webb to Kamron Caldwell that put the team in the red zone and three plays later, on a third down, Webb was scoring his first touchdown, the five-yarder to make it 14-0.

The Trojans won the game in the third quarter when they ran the ball for nearly the full 12 minutes. Though it started ominously when South Houston nearly fumbled on kickoff, the team ran for 60 yards in 11 plays, reserving eight of the 11 for rushing plays. Webb and his offensive line claimed 35 of those yards, including a 17-yarder in which half that distance had Dobie’s defenders glued to Webb and couldn’t bring him down.

“I have to do extra. That should be my middle name, Extra,” Webb said.

Then, with 30 seconds left in the third quarter, the team created the final score. All rushing, Abraham Escareno had runs of 21, five, nine and six before Mickles scored from 11 yards. The play before that, Webb ran for 19 yards and, once again, Kam Extra Webb dragged some Longhorns down the road. Mickles also scored the team’s first touchdown, a one-yard pass.

“Abraham Escareno got hurt earlier in the year, was in the hospital probably six weeks ago and ran like crazy in these conditions,” Longstreet said.

South Houston finished with 340 yards of offense, but 295 of that came from the rushing game and 44 plays. Dobie was limited to 142 yards of offense with 69 of that in the air.

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