A powerful competitor in the budget smartphone category

A powerful competitor in the budget smartphone category

iQOO may be a new player in the smartphone market, but with a number of awesome pitches in a short period of time, the company has already firmly established itself in a competitive landscape. Offering spec-laden phones with unique features, iQOO it has stayed on track to stand out from its rivals, which includes its parent company Vivo. We have in our hands the recently released iQOO Z6 Lite 5G and used it as a main booster for a week, here is our review.

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iQOO Z6 Lite 5G review: Design and display

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iQOO Z6 Lite 5G comes in a unique diagonal opening flip box with the phone, USB cable, SIM eject tool, warranty card, quick start guide and a silicone phone cover inside. . There is no power adapter inside the box, although it has an assigned section. The iQOO Z6 Lite 5G comes in Stellar Green and Mystic Night color options. For this review, we use the latter variant.

without box

When it comes to design, iQOO has kept things simple and clean on the Z6 Lite. The smartphone has a plastic frame and back, which is the standard for budget phones under Rs 15,000. However, the matte texture of the plastic back and clean design give it a premium feel. The dual camera unit fits nicely into the top left corner of the rear panel. In direct sunlight, the back becomes shiny. iQOO hasn’t tried anything fancy with the Z6 Lite, but at the same time, it doesn’t seem like they’ve kept the design choices overtly safe.

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At the bottom of the frame, you’ll find the headphone jack, USB Type-C port, and speaker grill. The SIM tray makes its way to the top of the phone, with the volume control key and power button mounted on the right side. The power button also doubles as a fingerprint sensor. The left side of the smartphone has been kept buttonless.

iQOO Z6 Lite 5G review: Design and display

Moving on to the display, iQOO Z6 Lite sports a 6.58-inch 120Hz IPS LCD display. A waterdrop-shaped notch at the top houses the selfie camera. The bottom of the screen also contains some thick bezels, which certainly makes the screen look a bit dated. The 83.9% screen-to-body ratio can certainly be improved as well. The 1080 x 2408 pixel resolution screen is suitable for viewing HD content on media platforms such as YouTube and Netflix.

The screen offers smooth tactile feedback while scrolling. Scrolling through different apps and browsing webpages is a seamless experience, and the screen registers even the slightest touch quite easily. This was quite useful during the game. We will go into more detail about the game’s performance later in the review. The brightness of the screen is optimal for both outdoor and indoor conditions. Even in direct sunlight, we were able to clearly make out what was on the screen.

iQOO Z6 Lite 5G review: Performance and cameras

iQOO Z6 Lite 5G is the first smartphone to feature the Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 processor. The S4 Gen 1 is the successor to the Snapdragon 480+ SoC. The Z6 Lite is available in two RAM and storage variants: 4GB + 64GB (Rs 13,999) and 6GB + 128GB (Rs 15,499). For our review, we use the 6GB + 128GB model. In addition to 6GB of dedicated RAM, the Z6 Lite also uses an additional 2GB of storage space when running heavy tasks.


OS tasks on the Z6 Lite are handled by Android 12 with Vivo’s Funtouch 12 design. The Funtouch 12 gets its fair share of criticism from the public and media alike, but when it comes to gaming, it offers some unique features that haven’t been replicated by other operating systems. However, there are some areas where Funtouch OS needs to improve immediately. First of all, the smartphone comes with a lot of bloatware.

You can uninstall all the bloatware apps, but it never looks good when the UI isn’t clean out of the box. The ‘Global Search’ feature also proves to be an annoyance as it kicks in every time you swipe down on the screen. Usually you want to access the notification bar every time you swipe down from anywhere on the screen. But Funtouch only allows you to see the notification tiles when you swipe down from the status bar.

There is also a problem of unnecessary ads disguised as notifications flooding the screen. The browser app is particularly notorious when it comes to this. To fix this problem, you will need to uninstall all bloatware apps and restrict notifications for the default browser. There are some basic steps that you need to follow before you can fully enjoy your smartphone. After fixing these issues, Funtouch is a decent operating system that can work with its peers.

Moving on, we are quite satisfied with the performance of the phone. Apps took negligible time to load, and even with multiple apps running in the background, the smartphone didn’t slow down one bit. Lightning speed coupled with smooth tactile feedback took the overall browsing experience to the next level. On the Geekbench app, the iQOO Z6 Lite scored 627 points in the single-core test and 1860 points in the multi-core test. These tests place the Z6 Lite above Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Proand Xiaomi Pocophone F1.

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We also put the iQOO Z6 Lite to the gaming test. Generally, iQOO phones do pretty well when it comes to gaming, and the Z6 Lite lives up to that reputation. We played Call of Duty Mobile on the Z6 Lite and the smartphone handled the higher resolution graphics quite well. We encountered no lag or frame drops in our extended gaming sessions. Overheating wasn’t an issue for the first 30-40 minutes, after which the phone got a bit warm. After pausing the game and letting the phone rest for a few minutes, the temperature dropped rapidly.

Gamers will be pleased to know that the Z6 Lite is equipped with ‘Monster Mode’ and ‘Ultra Game Mode’. Activating Monster Mode puts the smartphone in high-performance mode, which is ideal when playing graphically demanding games. The battery naturally drains faster in Monster Mode, so using it all the time is not recommended. Ultra Game mode gives users access to a game sidebar that offers quick tools and shortcuts like voice changer, screen recording, WhatsApp picture-in-picture mode, and more. Processor and battery usage levels are also displayed in the sidebar.

One of the best aspects of this smartphone is its giant 5,000 mAh battery. Even after above-average daily use, the Z6 Lite lasts more than a day. We used the Z6 Lite as our primary controller and our daily use consisted of an hour of gaming, 40-90 minutes of video playback, regular browsing consisting of Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, and regular WhatsApp use. The phone easily lasted an entire day with 20-30% battery to spare. The smartphone doesn’t ship with a power adapter, which is a disappointment, but it does support 18W charging. It took us less than 2 hours to fully charge the phone.

The iQOO Z6 Lite 5G comes with a dual rear camera unit comprising of a 50MP main shooter along with a 2MP macro lens. Up front, you get an 8MP selfie camera. We tested the cameras extensively and were quite pleased with the results, although we do wish iQOO had ditched the macro lens for an ultra-wide camera.

iQOO Z6 Lite 5G review: Performance and cameras

iQOO Z6 Lite 5G review: Performance and cameras

In daylight conditions, the Z6 Lite produced well-composed images with a decent amount of detail. We suggest activating the 50MP mode to fully unlock the potential of the camera. The photographs we took showed good color composition without over-processing. Sky tones were captured pretty well during the day, but while shooting against bright sunlight, the background was regularly overexposed.

iQOO Z6 Lite 5G review: Performance and cameras

iQOO Z6 Lite 5G review: Performance and cameras

Portrait Mode works decently on the Z6 Lite, although we think edge detection could have been a lot better. While the subject remains in focus, the edges can be really out of place in some scenarios. In limited lighting conditions, the Z6 Lite leaves a lot to be desired. Even with night mode activated, images recorded quite a bit of grain. The processor could have contributed a bit more to produce clearer images.

iQOO Z6 Lite 5G review: Performance and cameras
portrait mode

The selfie camera on the front works well. It’s great for taking photos in bright light, but the image processor brightens skin tone by a considerable factor, a problem all budget smartphones suffer from. However, the front camera works well in video calls on different platforms. Both the front and rear cameras can record 1080p 30fps video.

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Priced at Rs 13,999, the iQOO Z6 Lite 5G it’s a great budget phone that offers good performance, thanks to the new Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 processor. If you’re interested in buying a gaming smartphone, the Z6 Lite is one of the best options at this price point. While the screen might look a bit dated, the smartphone makes up for it with its blazing-fast speeds and respectable performance.


Great gaming phone for the price

Apps load fast

Great battery life


Significant amount of bloatware

Camera performance could have been better

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