Apple supercycle predicted thanks to more first-time buyers

Apple supercycle predicted thanks to more first-time buyers

Other Apple A supercycle has been predicted, thanks to an increasing number of products being bought by those new to the company’s products.

A new market intelligence study says that the iPhone 14, MacY apple watch everyone saw a large number of people buying for the first time…

What is a supercycle?

Many products experience cycles in demand: higher at some points, lower at others. A super cycle is when demand continues to rise, even when normal cycles would cause it to fall.

The last time Apple experienced a supercycle was after the launch of the iPhone 6, when pent-up demand for iPhones with larger screens was unleashed.

Another Apple supercycle predicted

a new counterpoint research The report suggests that another Apple supercycle may be building, as a growing number of people are buying the company’s products for the first time.

The company acknowledges that Apple is not immune to the macroeconomic factors that affect the entire technology industry. These include runaway inflation, a very strong dollar driving up prices outside the US, and ongoing supply chain challenges.

But he says underlying trends and long-term growth prospects look excellent.

iPhone 14

For the iPhone 14, the company draws attention to the growth of Android Switches, record growth in emerging markets, and growing demand for professional models and higher storage levels.

Apple’s revenue from iPhones grew 9.7% year over year despite currency headwinds on top of an already strong quarter last year. Apple posted a record installed base number for active devices fueled by a record number of updates, as well as ‘double-digit’ growth of those switching to iPhone, indicating a continued migration from Android to iOS.

Another notable milestone was record growth in emerging markets, namely India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico, despite currency headwinds in the respective geographies, indicating strong room for growth in these regions.

The higher mix of Pro models in the iPhone 14 lineup and higher memory variants is pushing iPhone ASPs even further based on initial channel checks.


The impressive performance and battery life of Apple Silicon Macs have also created a lot of Windows machine switchers.

During the last quarter of Apple’s fiscal year, Counterpoint says that more than half of Mac purchases came from first-time buyers.

This is crucial for Apple as it continues to engage the creator community and expand its presence to a broader audience.

apple watch

Counterpoint noted that Apple Watch sales grew despite broader economic headwinds, saying that two-thirds of purchases were made by people who had never bought one before. Note that this does not mean that they are new to the Apple ecosystem, but it still hints at a bright future for Apple wearable devices.

Strong growth in the business sector

Counterpoint says that high resale prices make Macs more affordable than they might seem for the business sector, and that the ability to choose Macs makes businesses more attractive to employees.

Apple witnessed strong growth in the B2B segment, which targets large companies. Apple says Ford is using the iPad and iPhone’s advanced camera system for quality inspection of new F-150 electric trucks. Apple products are also helping companies like Cisco attract new talent and retain employees.

The high residual value of Apple devices remains a key selling point for the company to attract new customers. Apple’s trade-in programs further enable the brand to shorten the upgrade cycle.

Businesses moving to Macs have also reported for a long time far lower support costs Y higher productivity. One study found that savings amount to over $800 per Maccompared to Windows machines.

You may Read the full report here.

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