Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in 2022

Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in 2022

If you have purchased a iPhone 14 ProWe strongly recommend that you also buy one of the best iPhone 14 Professional cases, as this will protect your expensive investment. And the good news is that the case itself can be inexpensive, although there are premium options available. But for a low price, you can get a durable protective case.

Of course, protection is one of the many things to consider when choosing an iPhone 14 Pro case. Your style and taste also play a role in whether you want a slim or rugged case. We’ve selected options for each type of user below, so you should be able to find something suitable no matter what you’re looking for. All of our cases are also compatible with Apple’s MagSafe features, so you can seamlessly charge your telephone without having to remove the protective cover.

Best iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Cases

Mkeke Clear Case – Military Grade Protection

The clear case of Mkeke it has a lot to offer. For starters, it has impressive build quality. Plus, its sturdy shape looks sophisticated and perfectly matches the look of your iPhone. There is more; It also doubles as a durable and protective case, all thanks to built-in airbags like 3.9mm raised corners and edges. I even love the tactility of the volume and power buttons; they fit and work perfectly.

Another advantage of the case is that it is made from polycarbonate materials, so it does not turn yellow over time. You should also check your gradient options (especially black).

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Although clear cases can differ based on the material used, this is a simple TPU case with no bells and whistles. It is a typical transparent case for iPhone 14 Pro devices that is flexible and fits well. Its slim nature ensures that you won’t feel any extra thickness when operating the phone. It’s shiny though, so expect it to collect fingerprints like a crime scene.

The Spigen Liquid Crystal case may protect against scratches and scuffs, but we’re still determining how it holds up to drop protection. If you are someone who drops their phone frequently, we do not recommend this case for you. And because it’s made entirely of TPU, it will turn yellow over time. It is also expensive. So unless you want a slim TPU case, there are better options, including one from Spigen.

Elago Hybrid Clear Case

Elago is another brand that can’t be left out of our “best cases” roundup. We love their liquid silicone iPhone cases, and you may be familiar with their popular old Mac Apple Watch mounts. Your Hybrid Clear case is again a combination of polycarbonate and TPU, giving you the benefits of a hard shell with the protection of a softer case. Check many pockets you would want in a case with raised edges over the screen and back camera for added drop protection and covers over the buttons to help keep out dirt and grime.

ESR Krystec Clear Case with HaloLock

ESR has launched the Krystec Clear Case with HaloLock, an advanced design case made of translucent polycarbonate that will not yellow. Don’t let the comfortable grip fool you: the case is deceptively tough, with military-grade protection that provides powerful defense against drops and bumps through shock-absorbent corners, a polymer bottom lip, raised screen bezels, and a camera protective lens. frame. Powerful built-in magnets with 1500 grams of holding power provide faster, easier wireless charging and a secure lock for any ESR HaloLock or MagSafe accessory.

Gear4 Crystal Palace Brooch

The Gear4 Crystal Palace Snap for iPhone 14 Pro provides adequate protection without hiding the original color of your phone. Despite the overall slim design of the Crystal Palace, it offers drop protection up to 13 feet. The Crystal Palace is compatible with MagSafe charging and includes an antimicrobial agent to protect it from bacteria. Case maker Zagg says it also doesn’t turn yellow over time like other clear cases tend to do.

whole case

Give your iPhones a protective edge without changing the feel of your hand. While most cases add more weight to iPhones, Totallee cases have made sure that they don’t add any extra weight to your iPhone. They have confirmed that the case remains thin and light as if your iPhone is not wearing anything. If you are a fan of how your iPhone feels in your hand, then this is the right choice for you. It makes no difference to the in-hand feel of your iPhone and retains the Apple design aesthetic.

i-Blason Case

You can opt for a clear i-Blason Ares iPhone case if you don’t want a standard rugged one. It covers every crevice and edge of your iPhone 14 Pro and provides a full body clear protective cover. Since the case already includes a built-in touch screen protector with the front frame, this case has another advantage. In addition, the TPU and polycarbonate materials are scratch resistant. Raised edges around the camera and screen offer protection. But the side bumpers are thick and add extra weight to your iPhone. And you can charge wirelessly with the case.

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