The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers a premium mobile gaming experience

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers a premium mobile gaming experience

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is an epic leap in smartphone technology resulting in a superior mobile gaming experience. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is available on the Samsung online store.

There’s a lot to love about Samsung’s newest flagship phone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we had great things to say in our full review. For everything the phone does well, from its class-leading cameras to the glorious S-Pen revival, it also packs some incredibly innovative features that make it one of the best phones you can get right now for gaming on the go. .

There are many reasons why the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a great gaming phone, but let’s start with the most obvious: that beautiful, huge 2X AMOLED screen. Featuring a 6.8-inch QHD+ resolution display with the brightness, color and HDR performance of AMOLED 2X, games look genuine. Awesome in this thing. Along with the super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, there are very few mobile devices on the market that can boast screens as well suited to tearing apart a few Genshin Impact or Apex Legends on their journey, doubly so when you consider the unique Vision Booster that Provides excellent outdoor visibility.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a stylish phone

It’ll also have the processing chops to support that blazing-fast refresh rate, with the latest 8th-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8450 processor powering high-end gaming experiences with class-leading speed and efficiency. All that power being thrown into the latest games won’t necessarily drain your battery in the way you’d expect, not least due to the juicy 5000mAh battery inside, but also a variable refresh rate during gameplay that will ensure that not a drop of power is wasted on unnecessary screen refreshes.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra also boasts an impressive 240Hz touch sampling rate, while on its dedicated Game Booster, which goes even further to enhance that smooth feel during games, and while the super responsive touch is great for gaming to suit him, there are also plenty of options for physical controls. You can pair a PlayStation or Xbox controller with the appropriate mount or place your phone on something like the excellent razer kishi for a more dedicated hand feel.

Apex Legends Mobile is great for playing on the go
Apex Legends Mobile is great for playing on the go

Looking for the perfect Android game to show off your new Galaxy S22 Ultra? Here are our top picks:

It’s no secret that Samsung is also serious about cloud gaming, especially given the recent move to offer Xbox Cloud Gaming Exclusively on Samsung TVs 2022, so it’s only fitting that you get one of the best mobile-based Xbox experiences on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In addition to all the benefits already mentioned, the Ultra also offers blazing-fast 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, meaning whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll get the best connection for your streamed games with minimal latency. (depending on the network environment around you, of course).

Xbox cloud gaming
Xbox Cloud Gaming offers some massive AAA titles

Here are some of the best Xbox Cloud Game Titles suitable for Galaxy S22 Ultra super responsive touch screen:

Of course, if a phone only It is not big enough for your gaming needs, you can always take a look at one of Samsung’s ultra-powerful tablet solutions, like the Galaxy Tab S, for big-screen gaming on the go with the same support for external controllers and streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming. It really is a great time to be a gamer on the go!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is now available in the Samsung Online Store and participating retail stores. To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and its features, visit and read our hands-on review here.

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