Top 5 Expected Apple and iPhone Deals During Black Friday (2022)

Top 5 Expected Apple and iPhone Deals During Black Friday (2022)

Cupertino, California-based Apple is known for producing feature-rich premium mobile devices, laptops and accessories that can easily burn a hole in your pockets. Therefore, people often look for discounts to upgrade their iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks at better prices. One of the biggest annual sales occurs around November 25, also known as the black friday salegiving Apple fans an exciting opportunity to get the latest gadgets at the lowest cost.

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Apple launched its new lineup of iPhones in September 2022. The company also launched new MacBook and iPad models this year, following the usual trend. While the latest devices have garnered a lot of attention and sales, most of Apple’s previous generation products are still great options for those looking for cheaper options. Also, there is not much difference between the latest devices and their immediate predecessors.

While Apple’s latest gadgets and iPhones will likely remain excluded from Black Friday discounts, one can expect exciting deals on the company’s older but viable products and accessories. This article will highlight some of the expected iPhone and Apple deals in the upcoming 2022 Black Friday sale.

Here are some of the best Apple and iPhone deals expected on Black Friday in 2022

1) iPhone 13, 13 Mini

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Non-discounted price: $599 (13 Mini, 128GB), $699 (13, 128GB)

the iPhone 13 The series was launched by Apple in 2022 and introduced better battery life, camera upgrades, an improved A15 bionic chip, and more changes to the iPhone 12 series. Despite being an iterative release, the iPhone 13 managed to win the approval and attract abundant sales in a period of one year.

The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro series have already proven to be huge hits in the community. That said, its predecessor line is still a great option for those looking to get a premium Apple device at affordable prices. The next Black Friday sale is expected to include exciting discounts on the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, making them must-have mobile devices.

2) Macbook Air (2020)

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Non-discounted price: Starting at $999

Powered by the M1 chip, the 2020 MacBook Air it remains one of the most popular options among fans on a budget. Fortunately, it is anticipated that the upcoming Black Friday related sales will further reduce the price of the Macbook Air, making it the perfect laptop for students and professionals.

MacBook Air features options in unified memory up to 16GB, storage up to 2TB, and preinstalled software. The maximum price can exceed $2000, which is quite expensive. Therefore, the Black Friday sale is probably the best time to target this laptop.

3) MacBook Pro (2021)

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Non-Discounted Price: Starting at $1,999 for 14″ and $2,499 for 16″

Are you looking to buy a premium and powerful laptop? the MacBook Pro is probably the best choice for all your computing needs. Designed to make the heaviest tasks go smoothly, this notebook lineup comes with various customizations in the unified memory, storage, power, and nanochip departments.

Being in the premium range, MacBook Pro prices are nowhere near cheap. However, the Black Friday sale could cut fees considerably, making it easier to grab. Be sure to keep an eye out for sales-friendly retailers like Amazon.

4) iPad Air (2022)

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Non-discounted price: Starting at $599

Released in early 2022, the iPad Air is expected to feature discounted prices in the upcoming Black Friday sale. It’s powered by Apple’s M1 chip and features two storage options, good cameras, 5G connectivity and more to consider.

iPad Air is also compatible with popular accessories like Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. In addition to the iPad Air, the company and retailers may also offer discounts on compatible accessories. In addition to products that launched in 2022, retailers can also offer deals on the iPad and iPad Mini 9th generation.


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Non-discounted price: $599 (64GB)

The iPhone 12 series was launched in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. Despite the restrictions and subsequent delivery delays, the company was able to sell adequate units to support the product line. The iPhone 12 series introduced 5G connectivity for the first time in the series and came with better build quality and design than its predecessors. In fact, Apple moved its design to the iPhone 13.

the iPhone 12 It may not have the latest bionic chips and camera upgrades. However, it is definitely still a good option for those looking to get a lower priced product with minimal sacrifice. The Black Friday sale is expected to drastically reduce its price, which will make it a popular option. However, if you’re willing to stretch your budget another hundred bucks, we’d suggest getting the newer iPhone 13, which will be available for about the same price.

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