Workers flee Chinese iPhone factory over COVID fears

Workers flee Chinese iPhone factory over COVID fears

Watch your currency conversion fees when buying US stocks outside of the US market.

When you focus on buying international stocks, you will most likely start by looking for the platform that provides access to as many asset classes as possible and with the widest range of options to choose from, so that you can find the best possible investments for your investment. strategy. .

Another important factor to consider is the fees charged by the broker. Some brokers charge high fees, which can lower your investment returns, while others shout about their commission-free trading offers.

But when you look at zero commission trading, you may want to consider whether zero commission actually means the implied free trading, or if there are other fees lurking that make that proposition a bit more expensive for your overall stock purchase. This is of particular concern with currency conversion fees to purchase US stocks from anywhere outside of the US market.

For non-US investors, the cost of investing in US stocks also includes fees for converting foreign currency into USD to buy or sell that stock. This fee can make a big difference in the total cost of buying or selling shares, so it’s important to know how much each broker charges for currency conversion.

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“International investors seeking exposure to US equities for portfolio diversification should note that zero commission trading in US equities, as advertised by some brokers, is anything but free,” said Steve Sanders, Executive Vice President marketing and product development in interactive corridors. “When FX conversion and other fees are factored into final transaction costs, select brokers charge significantly more than interactive corridors. interactive corridors offers investors the ability to trade US stocks at some of the lowest costs in the industry without the added hassle of opening multiple brokerage accounts.”

Therefore, it becomes imperative to know how much each broker charges. And since the primary goal of any investor is the highest possible return, any money lost in connection with this can hurt the overall return on a person’s investment.

interactive corridors keeps this fee low, with a currency conversion fee as low as $2.00 or 0.02%, depending on your market and your stock purchase. If you dive into the fee structure of other brokers, you may find that their currency conversion fees can be a multiple of what IB charges. A recent chart posted on the Interactive Brokers site showed how several “zero commission” brokers were getting away with currency conversion fees between 5x and 10x those of IBKRThe minimum fee of . All non-US investors should verify their region information. IBKR site to see the potential savings according to your market.

It’s important to find a broker that charges low fees so you can keep more of your investment returns. interactive corridors keeps currency conversion fees consistently low. In fact, the rates IBKR attend to be among the lowest in the industry, if not the lowest.

What makes the financial institution even more attractive on this front is its integrated account, where investors can hold their capital in multiple currencies. This means that investors can exchange money whenever they want, and are ready, to buy stocks or invest in a variety of financial instruments.

Adding to this convincing argument is that IBKR It also does not charge for inactivity on the account. This means an investor can sit on the sidelines for as long as they need to, waiting for THAT perfect opportunity to arise.

Nor does it require a minimum deposit when opening an account.

And with more than 30 years of experience, interactive corridors has the experience and resources to help you grow your portfolio.

interactive corridors is the perfect choice for investors looking to take control of their finances and grow their portfolio. With low fees and a wide range of investment options, interactive corridors can help you reach your financial goals.

Get started today by opening an account here.

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