Best iPhone 14 Plus Cases in 2022

Best iPhone 14 Plus Cases in 2022

Even if iPhone 14 Plus cases are sturdy, you’ll still want one of the best iPhone 14 cases to protect your phone from damage. Although Apple phones have tough glass on the back and a ceramic shield to protect screens, accidents do happen, as the iPhone 14 drop test results show. These mishaps don’t have to be a total loss, thanks. to a case. If you want to buy new technology as soon as it’s available, we’ve got something for you with the upcoming release of the iPhone 14 Plus.

If you’ve already made up your mind to pre-order the $900 iPhone 14 Plus, we’d recommend saving up a little extra cash for a rugged case to protect your priceless new device. We have compiled a list of the best iPhone 14 Plus cases currently on the market to save you trouble. It can be difficult to choose the best iPhone 14 Plus case. In addition to wanting something fashionable, you also want a case that will hold your expensive new device well.

The first step is to decide how much you want to spend. Today there are different price ranges for cases. Cheap cases, for example, can cost little, while higher-quality ones can cost as much or more. The choice of the level of security required is made after deciding on the price range. Some cases go through rigorous testing to make sure they can protect your iPhone 14 Plus if it falls out of your hand and hits the ground.

Here is the list of best iPhone 14 Plus cases

apple silicone case

It should come as no surprise that Apple’s official silicone case for the iPhone 14 Plus fully supports MagSafe, as the latter is a strong point of the iPhone 14 Plus. Plus, it’s available in eight different colors, so it’s easy to pick the one you like best. You can be sure that an Apple product will be impeccably designed to fit the curves of the iPhone 14 Plus because it is an Apple product.

Apple further states that “thousands of hours of testing” have gone into creating this case to protect your smartphone from bumps and scratches. It might not offer as much protection as other bulky items on our list, but the silicone construction strikes a good balance between fashion and safety. And it doesn’t get any better than this if you use a lot of MagSafe accessories.

OtterBox Defender XT SERIES

Another high-end OtterBox product is this entry. This time, it’s all about protection, as your smartphone can withstand all but the worst drops, thanks to the strength of the Defender Series.

Your iPhone 14 Plus will be secured in a protective case that is rated well above typical military drop requirements after joining a few different sections. Even at its size, it’s still compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging pads.

The polycarbonate case offers good protection, but you also get port covers that can be easily opened when you need to charge your device and keep out dust and water. The availability of five different designs and an optional belt clip that doubles as a kickstand complete the package.

Designed by UAG

When you want your iPhone 14 Plus to withstand whatever life throws at it, reach for the Pathfinder Case from Urban Armor Gear. The case promises impact protection for drops up to 18 feet. So the Pathfinder is quite bulky, but at least it has an eye-catching appearance. You can be sure your iPhone 14 Plus case will work with a variety of accessories because it’s MagSafe compatible.

Features a honeycomb traction grip and a soft impact resistant core. Raised camera bezel and raised screen frame protect the screen and lens, respectively. Large, extremely responsive tactile buttons provide a crisp, clear click feel for enhanced functionality. Compatible with Apple Pay and most third-party wireless chargers that support wireless charging.

iDLike square case

The squared edges of the trunk-style design give your phone a unique look and offer drop protection for your mobile device. Made with Bayer TPU material, “Micro-Dots” were incorporated to eliminate unsightly watermark effect and provide long-lasting clarity to show off the natural beauty of your phone.

Raised bezels protect the screen and camera from drops, cracks, and surface scratches, while corner bumpers protect your iPhone 14 Plus case from unintentional accidents. Alignment cutouts for button, port, speaker and camera. easy to put on and take off. Smooth touch feeling, easy to clean and anti-fingerprint.

Justcool Full Body Shockproof Case

Take it easy on the iPhone 14 Plus case with this low-cost alternative if you’ve already spent all your money on the new iPhone 14 Plus. This is a complete set that includes a phone case, three tempered glass screen protectors, and three camera lens protectors. There are many color variations available, both traditional and quirky, so there’s something for everyone. The phone’s screen and camera are protected from drop damage, cracks and scratches thanks to 1.5mm raised edges on the screens and 1.5mm raised lips on the cameras that cushion impact.

Reinforced corners adequately absorb any angle bumps. Plus 3 pieces of tempered glass to use as a screen protector and lens protector. The phone is comfortable to hold thanks to the innovative ergonomic design. The problem of leaving fingerprints and marks was solved by using quality frosted material which is anti-scratch and non-slip.

Last words

For the purpose of compiling our initial list of the best iPhone 14 Plus cases, which we mentioned earlier, when evaluating cases, we considered things like price, drop protection, unique features, and colors. To accommodate a variety of tastes and preferences, we also make an effort to supply a series of cases with various price points and design elements. We bring cases for additional testing when practical. The ideal case for your iPhone 14 Plus will depend on a variety of factors, but focusing on the above can help you focus your search and find a solution that meets all your requirements.

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