Best iPhone 14 Pro Clear Cases in 2022

Best iPhone 14 Pro Clear Cases in 2022

This Apple-designed case is slim, light, and comfortable to hold and enhances the iPhone 14 Pro’s beautiful color finish. The case easily covers the buttons and is made from a combination of flexible materials and optically clear polycarbonate. Both the interior and exterior have been coated with a scratch-resistant material on the surface. In addition, each material and finish has been optimized so that it does not fade over time.

With built-in magnets that align properly with the iPhone 14 Pro, this case ensures faster and faster wireless charging and a wonderful docking experience. Simply leave the case on the iPhone when it’s time to charge and plug in the charger or place it on the Qi-approved charger.

Clear cases are the ideal choice when selecting a case for your iPhone 14 Pro because they are stronger and have an advantage over other types of cases. But how can you tell a genuine clear case from a fake one? Here are some suggestions on how to choose a transparent case. Consider the type of material, whether it is compatible with accessories, and the level of protection it provides. This will help you decide how well the case will fit your phone and how well it can protect your device.

Here is the list of best iPhone 14 Pro clear cases

CASEKOO transparent

No other device fits in the KrystecTM Clear Case with HaloLock; it is only compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro. Since virtually everything is made of ultra-clear polycarbonate, it helps your device maintain its clarity and never turn yellow. They are the most transparent covers created by KrystecTM. The bottom edge of your device is protected by its shock-absorbing corners, which also provide full port access. It has a built-in strong magnetic accessory to provide smooth wireless charging.

Raised bezel protects against drops and indentations on the screen and camera. The 2.5mm lip around the camera, 1.5mm bezel around the screen, and 0.5mm raised corners on the rear offer additional, all-around protection. The seamless wrap-around design of this CASEKOO iPhone 14 Pro protective case prevents dust from entering and damaging your phone. and works perfectly with most screen protectors available.

Your phone can easily fit in your pocket because it is ultra-thin at 0.03 inches. For messaging, playing games and taking selfies, CASEKOO’s innovative streamlined bumper design not only fits better in your hand, but also keeps the appearance simple and slim. You no longer have to worry about your phone erratically falling out of your hand.

Speck Products Gemshell Case

For the iPhone 14 Pro, the Speck brand sells a Game-shell cover with 8-foot drop protection. The polycarbonate used in its construction provides tough protection. The best case to provide dual layer scratch protection is this one. Due to its slim design, it supports Qi wireless charging.

Protects your iPhone from UV rays and is constructed of polycarbonate. In addition, the case has been shown to protect the iPhone case from 99% of bacteria growth. Our traditional Gemshell case has two layers of perimeter protection and is clear and pocket-friendly.

Innovative materials provide excellent clarity that lasts, have increased scratch resistance and prevent UV fading. Withstanding drops of up to 8 feet, this case is strong yet thin enough to allow fast wireless charging with MagSafe and Qi compatibility. Built to last, our built-in Microban antibacterial protection product reduces bacterial growth on the carcass by up to 99%.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle

A great Unicorn Bettle Pro case for the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro is SUPCASE. Water droplets are protected by the waterproof shell. Wireless chargers can be used with it without any problem. With a screen protector, kickstand, and belt clip already built in, this case is fantastic.

Screen protector prevents scratches. The belt clip can be buckled or removed to allow you to use your smartphone hands-free. Hands-free portrait and landscape viewing is also supported with the kickstand.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro transparent case

This Apple-designed case is slim, light, and easy to hold, while adding extra protection to iPhone 14 Pro. It’s made from a combination of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible materials, and sits over the buttons for comfortable wear. Both the interior and exterior have been coated with a scratch-resistant material on the surface.

With built-in magnets that perfectly fit the iPhone 14 Pro, this case offers a magical docking experience and faster wireless charging every time. All materials and coatings are optimized to prevent yellowing over time. Simply leave the case on the iPhone when it’s time to charge and plug in the MagSafe charger or place it on the Qi-approved charger.

ESR Air Armor

The sleek and durable translucent glass case is the ideal choice for customers looking for a studio cover for rough terrain. Your iPhone 14 is protected by the secure edges of the ESR Armor phone case. In fact, even if your smartphone is accidentally dropped, you won’t suffer from a collection of broken glass and damaged surfaces.

Military-grade protection: Your phone is protected against life’s little mishaps thanks to a combination of a strong acrylic back, a flexible frame, and shock-absorbing Air-Guard corners. Only works with iPhone 14 and iPhone 13; Precise speaker and port cutouts and easy-press buttons retain full functionality. Raised screen edges and a tough camera protector protect the screen and camera from scratches and other damage. Your phone’s clear acrylic back resists scratches and never yellows for beautiful, long-lasting clarity.

simtect ultra clear

Developed specifically for the iPhone 14 Pro, this case is constructed from the finest DE Bayer materials and has received ROHS and SGS safety certification. Simtect iPhone 14 Pro cover is clearer than others and fully reveals the original color by exclusive micro-dot laser craftsmanship and 2% Blu-ray molecular injection. Let’s adore the impressive elegance of the iPhone.

This clear iPhone 14 Pro case can effectively block 99.9% of UV rays, smudges, fingerprints and sweat, while maintaining longer-lasting clarity and never yellowing over time thanks to its finish, including AF anti-fingerprint electroplating coating, anti-oxidation coating and nano-oleophobic coating. You can avoid paying excessive costs by replacing clear cases more often.

Last words

Phone accessories have multiple uses aside from protecting your iPhone 14 Pro. Investing in a case that’s clear, easy to carry, shockproof, and drop-resistant keeps your phone in good working order. You can choose one of the best clear cases from those outlined above for your iPhone 14 Pro depending on your preferences and the situation. In fact, the clear cases for the iPhone 14 series are aesthetically flawless and it is illegal to keep your smartphone in your pocket. So pick one of the great clear cases mentioned above and have fun.

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