Developers use iOS Live Activities to track Brazilian elections

Developers use iOS Live Activities to track Brazilian elections

With iOS 16.1Apple introduced the Live Activities API, which allows third-party apps to provide useful information on the iPhone lock screen and also in Dynamic Island for those with iPhone 14 Pro. This weekend, developers demonstrated the true potential of Live Activities with an iPhone application that allowed people to follow the vote count of the Brazilian elections in real time.

there is already many apps with Live Activities available on the App Store, and they all provide cool interactions, like displaying flight details or real-time Reddit comments. But Philip Ribeiro Y williammaxboth from mobile app company sorcerer hathave decided to take this feature to the next level.

In the midst of the second and last round of the presidential elections in Brazil, which took place last Sunday, they created an application to display the vote count of the elections with real-time updates directly on the lock screen of the iPhone and Dynamic Island .

How the Brazilian elections became a great showcase for iOS Live Activities

Named “Apuração Dinâmica” (Dynamic Count) in reference to the iPhone’s dynamic island, the app combined the iOS 16.1 Live Activity API with voting data provided by Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court in a tool that made the vote counting stage much more pleasant. and entertaining

“When Apple announced iOS 16 with Live Activities, we already knew the feature would be perfect for times like this,” Max said. 9to5Mac. “The runoff election coincided with the release of iOS 16.1, which officially brought the feature to everyone and inspired us to create this little utility app, built in SwiftUI, to add our own special touch to the countdown experience” .

For those unfamiliar, Brazil has an electronic voting system in which the data extracted from the ballot boxes is sent directly to a secure “supercomputer” located at the Electoral Court headquarters that counts millions of votes in a matter of hours. The Electoral Tribunal makes an official API available so that third parties can also access the vote count in real time. This time more than 124 million votes were registered.

Once the vote count started, Sorcererhat’s app was already showing the first numbers to those who installed it. Users with an iPhone 14 Pro were able to control the dispute even with the screen locked, thanks to the always-on screen. At the same time, Dynamic Island showed a brief look at the percentage of votes for each candidate.

Developers test the potential of Live Activities with an iOS app to follow the Brazilian elections.

Technical limitations and the final result

According to Max, one of the main challenges was getting around technical limitations on the frequency of Live Activities updates, as the app was collecting data directly from the Electoral Court API instead of having its own server for push content. Still, the data displayed in Live Activity was updated every minute without requiring any action from users.

Since iOS 16.1 was released only a few days ago, the developers haven’t had much time to test the app. That’s why they released it as a experimental tool via TestFlight for anyone interested, rather than on the App Store. Still, the reactions were very positive and the project was a good way to show users and even developers what they can do with Live Activities.

The reception of the app was incredible, much higher than we expected, and we were happy to see it shared on social media by voters anxious about the election results. We are proud to have been part of this historic moment for Brazil and the opportunity to demonstrate how Live Activities and Dynamic Island are powerful tools when used in ways that really contribute to the user experience.

More about Sorcerer’s Hat

Although the vote counting app is not available on the App Store, Sorcererhat is also behind it. SongCapsule (formerly known as Next DJ), which is a great app that creates smart playlists based on the user’s Apple Music library. You can check more details about the application in the company website.

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