Did you just get the iPhone 14? You need to know these 5 hidden tricks right now

Did you just get the iPhone 14?  You need to know these 5 hidden tricks right now

These 5 hidden tricks will make the life of all iPhone 14 users much easier. Look at them.

Almost two months have passed since the launch of the iPhone 14 series. And many have upgraded their old iPhone 11, iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 to the latest model or changed from Android towards iOS ecosystem. No matter which camp you belong to, you’re now a proud iPhone owner and that means quickly learning what it can do for you. The iPhone 14 is the latest series of smartphones from Apple and can perform some tasks that will leave you in awe. But not all of these features are advertised at the point of sale. There are some hidden gems that you need to explore and discover. And many users do not know about them even after years of use. So if you want to maximize the use of your iPhone, these 5 hidden tricks will help you. Read on to find out.

Hidden iPhone 14 Tricks You Should Know

1. Customize the control center

Control Center is the heart of iPhone 14. It not only allows you to control basic settings, but also contains widgets. And by customizing this area, you can set up the perfect user experience for you. All you have to do is go to Settings > Control Center > More Controls and you can add anything that might be useful to you. Once set up, you can access them with a swipe down, even when your smartphone is locked. This is very useful for checking certain information on the fly.

2. The back touch

By now, some of you know about the tap on the back. But there are many who I still don’t know about this amazing feature on iPhone. Just by touching the back panel of your iPhone 14, you can access multiple features. This hidden trick is very useful when you don’t want to go through the lengthy procedure of unlocking the device, going to the app and activating the feature. You can use double tap and triple tap and assign functions like turning on the flashlight, opening the camera app, etc. Just go to Settings > Accessibility to find the feature.


3. The hidden trackpad

While not unique to the iPhone, this is really a hidden feature that you should be aware of. Often, while typing a large amount of text, you would like to go back to a line or a word and make an edit. The usual and lengthy method is to swipe up and down to scroll and then tap on the exact spot where you want the cursor to go. With a small screen, it usually takes two to three tries to get it right. You can skip all of that if you just long-pressed the spacebar key on the keyboard. This allows you to turn the keyboard into a virtual trackpad, giving you easy access to perform tasks.

4. Use the LED flash for notifications

the Any The phone (1) may have a glyph interface for notifications, but the iPhone 14 isn’t that far behind. Actually, you can use its LED flash to receive notification alerts. So every time you get a notification, your smartphone’s LED flash will let you know. This is useful when you’re out in public and don’t want to check your screen every time to see if you have a new message. You can turn it on by going to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Flash LED for alerts.

5. Cast Harry Potter spells with Siri

Your iPhone 14 is nothing short of a magical device and it can actually work like one. With a little help from Siri, you can cast spells on your phone to make it do a variety of things. Simply say “Hey Siri” followed by the three famous Harry Potter spells Lumos, Nox and Accio to perform three specific tasks. Lumos turns on your flashlight, Nox turns it off and saying Accio followed by an app name (example: Accio WhatsApp) will open that app. You can add more spells using Shortcuts.

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