The best Apple iPhone 13 mini deals November 2022

The best Apple iPhone 13 mini deals November 2022
iPhone 13 mini (apple)

iPhone 13 mini (apple)

The iPhone 13 mini is the smallest version of Apple’s latest quartet of phones. But in terms of technology and new features, it still packs a very decent punch.

These are the latest deals, including the best monthly payment plans, that you can get with the iPhone 13 mini. Plus, check out what makes this latest miniature iPhone tick.

Pay nothing in advance

For users looking to divert upfront payments, network provider Three is offering a 128GB iPhone 13 mini at £41 per month for a 24-month period. The deal includes unlimited talk and text plus 100 GB per month.

Vodafone is not far behind, offering the same basic offer but for £43 a month.

For the same outlay, O2 offers this version of the phone plus the same talk and text allowances, but this time with a lower 60GB data cap.

If data usage is important to you, Three offers unlimited data, messaging and calling for £44. Again, that’s with nothing to pay up front.

If you’re with Vodafone and want to get around the data caps, you’ll have to pay an extra £2 a month on top of that.

initial options

Pay iD Mobile £79 up front and you’ll get an iPhone 13 mini 128GB with no talk, text or data limits for £35.99 a month with a 24-month contract. Vodafone has a similar deal, but costs a bit more at £38 per month.

Opt to pay just £29 upfront with iD Mobile and you can have an iPhone 13 mini with unlimited talk, text and data for £38.99 a month with a 24-month contract. Alternatively, pay Vodafone’s £39 upfront fee and the same phone and allowances can be yours for £40 a month.

If you don’t need unlimited data, iD Mobile offers a rate of £35.99 per month with 20GB of data when you pay £29 upfront, or £36.99 per month for 50GB of data assuming the same upfront payment.

Three will give you 100GB of unlimited data, talk and text plus the 128GB iPhone 13 mini for £38 up front, plus £38 a month for two years. For the same phone and allowances, Vodafone has an offer of £15 upfront and then £39 per month.

What’s new with the iPhone 13 mini?

Apple’s iPhone 13 mini is an overall improvement over its predecessors in several ways.

The basic size of the device remains more or less the same, except for a few grams and millimeters, so the size and screen are practically the same as before.

However, Apple’s latest version includes a more powerful chipset (the A15 Bionic processor), longer battery life, and higher screen brightness.

While the camera setup is the same as the iPhone 12 mini, Apple added new image stabilization technology to improve the quality of your snaps.

The A15 Bionic processor, which is also found in the larger iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max models are Apple’s latest computing kit.

It claims the A15’s six-core CPU and quad-core GPU make it 50% more powerful than the competition, including 30% faster graphics.

a higher battery time

Apple also credits the chipset for the longer battery life of the iPhone 13 mini. On a single charge, it now offers 1.5 more hours of use compared to iPhone 12 mini.

Both the 12 and 13 have a 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 and a pixel density of 476 pixels per inch (PPI). The latter is capable of a 28% higher maximum brightness, which can be useful on a particularly sunny day.

The iPhone 13 mini’s front-facing camera is still housed within a black bar at the top of the screen, often referred to as a “notch.” This feature is now 20% smaller compared to iPhone 12 mini.

There are also new camera features, such as cinematic mode, which mimics Hollywood’s “focus hoop” effect: shifting focus between subjects and objects in the frame automatically.

iPhone13 mini’s Ceramic Shield protects against scratches and scuffs, and its oleophobic coating reduces fingerprints on the screen. There’s the option of 5G connectivity, plus an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, which means the phone will still work after being submerged in up to 1.5m of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

Finally, Apple’s latest miniature phone represents slightly better value than its predecessor. The iPhone 13 mini started life at £679 for the 128GB model compared to £699 when the iPhone 12 mini launched last year.

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