All you need to know

All you need to know

Mobile phones these days can store an endless number of contacts on your iPhone, which can be a good thing if you meet new people every day and save their contact information in your address book. However, over time, this can become a problem, as you may find it difficult to see and search for contacts that may be more important than others. If you have a lot of contacts that you no longer communicate with or if they can no longer be reached with your old contact address, you can delete them from your iPhone to tidy up your contact list.

In this post, we’ll explain all the ways you can delete contacts from your iPhone.

How to delete an individual contact on iPhone

If you want to delete a certain contact from your iPhone, iOS allows you to do it in several ways. You can delete individual contacts from your device using the Contacts app or the Phone app on iOS.

Method #1: From the Contacts screen

The easiest way to remove a contact from your iPhone is by accessing your contact list in the Contacts app or the Phone app. You can access your contact list by opening the contacts app on your iPhone.

You can also get to this screen by opening the Telephone app on your device.

When the Phone app opens, touch the contacts tab at the bottom.

On the Contacts screen, you need to make sure that you are viewing all of your contacts. Otherwise, the contact you want to delete will not appear on this screen. To make sure you’re seeing all your contacts, tap Lisa in the upper left corner of the screen.

Internal lists, select all contacts.

You will now see all the contacts from various accounts on this screen. From here, locate the contact you wish to remove from this list using the letter selector on the right or the search bar at the top.

When you locate the contact you want to delete, touch and hold it.

In the additional menu that appears, select delete contact.

You will now see a message on the screen asking you to confirm your action. Here, play delete contact to remove the selected contact from your iPhone.

You can also remove a contact from this screen by opening it. When the contact details open, touch Edit in the upper right corner.

On the next screen, scroll down and tap Erase Contact at the bottom.

In the message that follows, select delete contact to confirm the action.

The selected contact will be removed from your iPhone.

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Method #2: From the Favorites/Recents screen

If you recently made or received calls from someone on your iPhone, you can delete your contact from the Recents or Favorites screen within the Phone app. To do this, open the Telephone app on your iPhone.

Inside the phone, touch the favorites tab or recent tab from below.

When you get to the Favorites or Recents screen, find the contact you want to delete. When you find the contact, tap on the i icon on your right side.

This will open the contact details on the next screen. Here, play Edit.

Now clean the First name Y Surname contact sections. You can empty other sections if any are full.

An easy way to do this is by selecting any of the text fields and then tapping on the x icon on the right.

When all sections are empty, tap Done in the upper right corner.

The selected contact will now be removed from your iPhone as the phone number has no name.

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How to delete multiple contacts from an iPhone

iOS does not allow you to delete more than one contact simultaneously on your iPhone. You can’t use the Phone app or the Contacts app to delete multiple contacts. This action can only be done natively from or by using one of the third-party apps that give you this functionality.

Method #1: Use

If you have more than one contact that you want to delete from your iPhone, you’ll need to use a computer and go to using Safari or any other web browser. Within, sign in with your Apple ID password to access your iCloud account.

Once you have logged in, select contacts.

When the contacts are uploaded to your account, select the ones you want to delete by pressing and holding Domain key (on Mac) or Control (in Windows), and then click the contacts to select them.

You can also select a continuous group of contacts with the Shift key. When you select multiple contacts, they will be highlighted in blue.

Once you are done selecting the contacts you want to delete, click the button gear wheel icon in the lower left corner.

When an additional menu appears, select Erase from the list of options.

You will be prompted to confirm the action. To continue with the deletion, click Erase.

The selected contacts will be removed from iCloud and from your iPhone.

Method #2: Use the Delete Contacts+ App

Since you can’t delete multiple contacts on your iPhone using the native Contacts app, the only way to do it on your device without accessing iCloud is through a third-party app. There are plenty of apps that offer this functionality on an iPhone, but these two apps (Delete contacts+ Y groups) are reliable and have been highly rated by various users on the App Store. In this case, we’ll use Delete Contacts+ but the process should look more or less the same even in the Groups app.

To get started, open the Delete contacts+ app on your iPhone (which for some reason has renamed itself to multiple delete after you have installed the app).

When the app opens, you will be prompted to share your contacts’ access to the app. To continue, touch okay.

now play all contacts on top.

The next screen will show you a list of all the contacts that are saved on your iPhone. You can locate the contacts you want to delete by scrolling through this list or by using the search bar at the top.

When you find the contacts you want to delete, touch them to select them. You can choose any number of contacts from this list to delete.

After you have made your selection, tap on Erase in the background.

In the message that appears, select Erase to confirm your action.

When the selected contacts are removed from your iPhone, you should see the “Success” banner on the screen.

This method will delete multiple contacts from your iPhone, but these contacts may still be stored within your iCloud account.

How to remove duplicate contacts on iPhone

When it comes to multiple accounts, your contact list has likely accumulated a ton of information over the years. You may also have duplicate contacts that you may never have noticed. Fortunately, in iOS 16, your iPhone can detect duplicate contact cards in iCloud or any other list automatically and suggest you merge them if you want.

▶︎ How to remove duplicate contacts on iPhone

To remove duplicate contacts from your iPhone, open the contacts app

When the app opens, tap Lisa in the top left-hand corner.

On the Lists screen, select All iCloud either all iPhones. iOS may not be able to detect or remove duplicate lists created by third-party accounts like Gmail.

When the iCloud or iPhone list opens, you may see a “Duplicates Found” banner at the top if you have duplicate contacts. To delete these contacts or merge them, tap Duplicates found.

In the Duplicates Found menu that appears, tap any of the listed contacts to view their details.

You can then remove the duplicate contact by merging the information into a single contact. For that, tap Link in the background.

You can repeat the above step for other contacts you want to merge. To remove all duplicate contacts, touch Link at the bottom of the screen where you see all your duplicate contacts.

When you do that, iOS will combine all of a contact’s details into a single card and remove the rest of the cards from your iPhone.

How to delete all iCloud contacts from your iPhone

If you’ve saved your contacts to multiple lists and you don’t want the contacts you saved to iCloud to be stored on your iPhone, you can delete them at any time. Having iCloud contacts makes it easy for you to choose which contacts sync across your Apple devices and gives you control over how your contact list looks.

If you have saved contacts from other accounts and you don’t want to keep them synced from iCloud, you can delete iCloud contacts by first opening the Settings app on your iPhone.

Within Settings, tap on your Apple ID card on top.

When the Apple ID screen appears, select iCloud.

On the next screen, tap on Show everything under “Apps that use iCloud.”

Within the Apps using iCloud screen, turn off the contacts lever.

You’ll now see a message at the bottom asking you to decide whether or not you want to keep the contacts you’ve synced with iCloud. Since you’re here to remove your iCloud contacts from your phone, select Delete from my iPhone.

This action will delete iCloud contacts from your current iPhone, but these contacts will remain in iCloud, as well as on other Apple devices where you’ve synced contacts with iCloud.

How to Delete All Contacts from Gmail or Other Accounts on iPhone

iOS allows you to import contacts that you saved from your Gmail account or other third party accounts that you have added to your iPhone. However, at any time you can delete all contacts that you have imported from Gmail or other services. For that open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Inside Settings, scroll down and select contacts.

On the next screen, tap on accounts.

On the Accounts screen, select gmail or the account you want to remove contacts from.

Here, turn off the contacts lever.

iOS will now ask you to confirm your action. To confirm, tap on Delete from my iPhone.

All the contacts that were saved from Gmail or the selected account will now be deleted from your iPhone.

How to hide contacts in lists without deleting them

In case you don’t want to delete contacts from your iPhone, but just want to hide them from a specific list, you can do so by selecting a list to view your contacts instead of viewing your entire contact list on iPhone. To view the contacts in a specific list, open the contacts app on your iPhone.

When the app opens, tap Lisa in the top left-hand corner.

You will see all the lists of different accounts that you have added contacts to. From here, you can choose a list that you want to see the contacts. If you have multiple iCloud or Gmail accounts, select an account you want to remove contacts from. If you only have one iCloud or Gmail account, or want to see contacts from all your iCloud or Gmail accounts, choose All iCloud either All Gmail from this screen. You may see more contact lists on this screen if you have added any other third-party accounts.

Once you select your preferred list, you will see the contacts in that list on the next screen.

In this way, you can avoid completely deleting contacts from an account and easily switch between different lists within the Contacts app at any time.

That’s all you need to know about deleting contacts on an iPhone.


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