I’m An iPhone User And Here Are The Black Friday Apple Watch Deals I’m Looking Forward To

I’m An iPhone User And Here Are The Black Friday Apple Watch Deals I’m Looking Forward To

After years of enjoying my Samsung Galaxy phones, I went back to the iPhone this year when I bought my Apple iPhone 14. she had been wearing a garmin swim 2 fitness band for the summer, and that watch works fine with my new iPhone, but what I really want is to have a watch that matches my phone perfectly. That’s why I’m attentive to Black Friday smartwatch deals on Apple’s portable device, and these are the ones I prefer.

I’m not a fitness fanatic, although I walk a lot with my dogs and hike at least once a month with my son. Every Apple Watch will meet my fitness needs and I don’t need anything extreme like the apple watch ultra.

I’d love to say that battery life should be a big factor, but frankly, none of the Apple Watch models have impressed me with their longevity. Some are a little better than others, and most will last a day, but all need to be charged regularly, unlike my long-lasting Garmin.

Apple Watch 7 on a bed of stones.

apple watch series 7 (Image credit: Future)

Having the largest screen possible is a huge benefit on an Apple Watch, and that little extra viewing area makes a big difference. While I’m looking for an older Apple Watch, I’ll try to buy something as recent as the apple watch series 7which came with a slightly larger 1.9-inch screen, compared to the previous 1.78-inch screen on the apple watch series 6.

If I go for a smaller watch, the Apple Watch SE it’s a much better value than the Apple Watch Series 6 but it lacks some key features. The Series 6 watch gives you more health sensors, including blood oxygen levels and ultra-wideband support, making a lost Series 6 watch much easier to find. If the Watch SE is much cheaper, it’s a good choice, but the Apple Watch Series 6 is better if you can find a good deal.

apple watch 7

Apple Watch Series 7 has an edge-to-edge display (Image credit: TechRadar)

When looking for deals, I noticed that some of the special edition models can be found at lower prices than their regular counterparts. For example, the Nike edition of the Apple Watch, as well as the color (PRODUCT) red, tend to be less expensive than more boring color options.

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