Updated Timery 1.5 released with lock screen widgets, live activities, new shortcut actions and more

Updated Timery 1.5 released with lock screen widgets, live activities, new shortcut actions and more

timing has been updated with a long list of new features and improvements that fans of the app will love.

First of all, Timery has added iOS 16 live activities and lock screen widgets. The lock screen widgets can display your current time entry, the total amount of time logged today, or start a new timer. Each widget type includes circular and rectangular variants when added below the lock screen time, as well as a narrow inline version that can be added to the top of the screen. Widgets can be configured to start a specific saved timer or display a list of timers and optionally display the app’s edit view to adjust the details of the timer it starts. It’s worth noting that Timery’s edit view now supports ‘@’ as a way to quickly find and add projects and ‘#’ to add tags.

Live activities show the current time entry on the dynamic island and the iPhone 14 Pro line lock screen. Long-pressing either reveals additional information about the current project, task, and total time logged For the day.

I’m a big fan of Timery’s new widgets and live activities because they offer the kind of visible details that were previously not possible unless you were using the Mac version of the app and enabled their menu bar app. Now, I don’t have to unlock my iPhone or iPad to check a timer, which allows me to get the information I want without being distracted by other things on either device.

Grid view for saved timers

Another nice touch is the new grid view for saved timers, which is on by default for larger screens like iPad and Mac. The two-column layout makes much better use of space, making it easier to use a long list of saved timers. The new grid view is also available on iPhone’s narrower screen, but it’s not turned on by default. Timery also added an option to display the total time recorded for each of your saved timers for the current day, week, or last seven days.

Focus filters

I’m glad to see that Timery added focus filters and gave users a lot of control over what they see and when. Timery allows you to show or hide clients, projects, tags, workspaces, and even reports based on your focus filters. This is the kind of feature that is perfect for freelancers who want to customize what is seen when working for a specific client. It’s also a cool option for tracking time spent on non-work projects, allowing you to set up an environment tailored to what you’re doing without having to go through every project, tag, and other data you’ve saved to Timery.


Timery’s shortcut integration has also received a boost with the latest update. There are two new actions:

  • Find Saved Timer
  • Find time entries

Actions do what their names suggest, but what makes them so powerful is predicate filtering, a new shortcut feature introduced with OS updates this fall. Predicate filtering lets you search based on keywords and narrow your search by project, start time, workspace, and more. These new actions are a great example of how powerful predicate filtering is.


If you’re in the Timery Time Entries view, you can now select a date to go directly to a report of hours logged for that day. Reports are now part of Timery’s Apple Watch app as well. I wasn’t expecting much from Timery’s Apple Watch reports, but they are surprisingly useful as a quick way to check the time recorded over various periods. Finally, saved reports are now also available in the iPad sidebar for easier access.

I’m really impressed with today’s Timery update. It was already easy to keep track of your time with Timery, but its developer, Joe Hribar, has gone to great lengths to make managing and monitoring timers easier than ever. Timery is also a stellar example of the power of tailoring an app to each Apple platform and implementing the latest technologies on each. Not everyone is going to use every version of Timery, but by paying attention to detail with each version, Hribar has created an app that appeals to the widest possible time-tracking audience and fits the way you app users prefer to work. instead of imposing a predefined system on them. Be sure to download today’s update and give it a try.

timing is available on the App Store as a free update. Some of Timery’s features require a subscription.

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