Using the Galaxy Z Flip 4 showed that I bought the wrong foldable

Using the Galaxy Z Flip 4 showed that I bought the wrong foldable

I have one unopened, still sealed Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphone sitting in the house, which I ordered in advance to replace my Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Why is it still unopened, unused, and seemingly loveless? I recently spent a few weeks using Samsung’s other foldable smartphone, the Galaxy ZFlip 4, and I’ve realized that I may have bought the wrong flip phone this year. This is why.

Waiting to use the Z Fold 4

Galaxy Z Flip 4 closed on top of a Galaxy Z Fold 4 case.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

I really I enjoyed using the Galaxy Z Fold 3 last year, and it felt natural for me to upgrade to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. I like to review the latest foldable phones throughout the year, so it always helps to have the best model on hand. When it arrived, I was reviewing the Z Fold 4 using a sample sent by Samsung, so my newly delivered personal phone was put aside until I needed it. Little did he know that he still would not have opened it many weeks later.

The reason is that I had the opportunity to use the Galaxy Z Flip 4, a phone that I had only used for a short time at launch. I really liked it at the time, but I didn’t really think much of it afterwards as my mind was already on the big-screen Galaxy Z Fold 4. I jumped at the chance to revisit the Flip 4 due to my previous limited exposure and jumped at it with enthusiasm, but never expected it to be anything more than a flip version of the Galaxy S22+.

Now that I’ve used the Z Flip 4 on and off for the past month, I’ve been absolutely wowed by its excellent combination of design prowess, massive power, fun cameras, and most importantly, its sheer portability. My vaguely dismissive assumption that it would offer little more than one of its non-folding Galaxy siblings was dead wrong. It’s so much more than that, proving to be fun and unexpectedly relatable in a way that the more grown-up, no-nonsense Galaxy Z Fold 4 isn’t.

Bend down, not out

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 sitting on a bench.

Many of the words I used above aren’t often used to describe a smartphone or the experience it provides, but they are genuinely applicable to the Galaxy Z Flip 4. We expect any modern phone, especially one that costs $1,000, to have a lot of power. and takes great photos, which the Galaxy Z Flip 4 offers. It worked great when it took over the iPhone 14 Pro in a camera test also. I enjoyed its capability so much and smiled every time I unfolded it that I even chose to use it instead of other Android phones on a weekend.

It was at this point that I could have unwrapped the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but I didn’t, and the reason is the Z Flip 4’s wonderful portability. Folded, the Z Flip 4 fits in my pocket, bag, or even cubbyholes little ones in my car with no problem. It wasn’t until I used it every day that I realized how compact and portable the phone really is, and how transformative it can be. If any “normal” phone frustrates you when it comes to storage, the Z Flip 4 is the solution.

The back of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The fluid movement designed into the hinge makes the phone feel incredibly well made, very durable, and very natural. But it’s also fun to use. The Z Fold 4 feels very similar, but there’s something nostalgic and fun about opening and closing a flip phone. While there is no real story behind the Z Flip 4 like there is with the motorola razr 2022, is still very relatable. Sure, you could leave the screen open all the time, but where’s the fun? A lot of the Z Flip 4’s magic comes from opening and closing it every time.

Closing it doesn’t mean you lose functionality either. The cover screen has been updated for the Z Flip 4 and it’s great, especially when keep track of notifications. A little orange indicator appears on the cover screen when you have a new message, and it’s surprisingly noticeable at a glance. A swipe on the outer screen shows enough detail to know whether or not to open the phone and send the message. It means that the Z Flip 4 can be kept folded without affecting the usefulness of the phone.

Unopened, but not without love

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 open on top of the Z Fold 4 box.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a phone you can pick up and use, just like any other, but with the considerable added benefit of folding to half full size and then stowing away. Even after a few weeks, this still hasn’t lost the fun factor, and I’ve connected with the Z Flip 4 as a device much more than most other phones. I even love the color purple. It’s a phone I’ve gone back to several times and then lost when I was forced to remove my SIM card again. The most surprising thing of all is that it has prevented me from opening the box of my new Z Fold 4.

Much of my appreciation is quite difficult to describe as it requires you to touch, feel and use the phone. It’s this that I think made me look beyond the Z Flip 4 and gravitate toward the Z Fold 4. I was familiar with the large foldable, but less familiar with the small, and mistakenly thought it would offer “less” and represent worse value. . This is not exact. The Z Flip 4 has more to offer than any fixed-screen Android phone available at a similar price point, and it’s a truly special ownership experience. The fact that it’s still incredibly capable as a smartphone actually makes it a very Okay worth.

Someone holding a closed Galaxy Z Flip 4.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Does all this mean that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the worst phone, or am I going backwards in my Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review where did I say the big folding one is ready for the mainstream, and be your next phone? Not at all. It’s superb, and I know when (if?) I take it out of the box, I’ll love it again. The Z Fold 4 is simply a different beast from the Z Flip 4, and while Samsung has worked hard to make it a viable everyday device (and I maintain that it is), the Z Flip 4 can be Even better.

I urge you, if you’re torn between the two foldables, to go and test them yourself for as long as possible. Both are great, but one may end up fitting into your lifestyle better than the other, and may well No be the one you’re waiting for. For my current lifestyle, having used both the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 for a considerable amount of time, it’s obvious to me that the foldable phone would have been the better buy. I really bought the wrong flip phone this year.

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