Best Apple iPhone List: Includes Refurbished and Refurbished Phones and What to Look For | Reviewed by Trevor Long

Buying a smartphone is a regular process for all of us, we fit into one of a few categories: we want the latest every year, we want the latest on a contract, or we’ll get a new one when it’s not good. .

Regardless, there are plenty of options out there. The iPhone has a level of prestige in the market, and although Apple is not the largest seller of mobile phones in this country or in the world, they sure look like it. Mainly because they have only one product, the iPhone.

Or them? In fact, Apple has its latest generation iPhones, then they keep several older generation devices for sale, and perhaps something that many people know is that there are also a lot of refurbished or “refurbished” phones.

Refurbished phones are like used cars, except they typically undergo a lot of testing to ensure they work, and often come with a 12-month warranty, too. So don’t write them off for your next device.

What to look for when buying an iPhone

All iPhones on the market will run the latest Apple software, but there are a number of feature differences between them.

First of all, from the iPhone X onwards (Xs, 11, 12, 13, 14) there is no physical home button to press, a full screen swipe experience is now presented. If you’re using full screen for the first time, be patient and follow the on-screen tips and guides that we often just dismiss.

Then comes the issue of size. There are actually three sizes of iPhone as they appear in the hand. The ‘mini’, the standard and the larger ‘plus’ or ‘max’ phones.

Plus phones date back to the iPhone 6 Plus, while the ‘mini’ of the iPhone 12 and 13 range is actually the size of the iPhone 6/7/8 but with a much larger screen. Many people will and should choose a phone based on how it feels in the hand.

Finally, the cameras. Only the quality from iPhone 8 to iPhone 14 has made noticeable improvements. Add to that the new wide-angle and telephoto zoom lenses and there are plenty of options.

Top iPhone Picks

iPhone 14 Pro Max – 1TB

Price: $2769


– Exceptional camera

– The best iPhone processor

– Stunning materials/design


– big phone

– High price

Recent iPhone Pro Max models are all-you-can-eat iPhones. They have the biggest screens, the most powerful and advanced cameras, great power and performance, and stunning design.

This is as good as it gets, now with 0.5, 1x, 2x and 3x zoom, from a new 48MP sensor, which when shot in ProRAW captures amazing detail and really great low-light performance.

Action mode on video recording means incredibly stable video performance, and the A16 bionic chip is powerful enough to run all the applications you can imagine.

iPhone 13 Pro – 512GB

Price: $1997


– Triple lens camera

– Better price than the current model

– Attractive size for many


– Still a high price

– Last year’s model

Since it’s the same shape and size as the newer iPhone 14 model, it’s a great deal and you get the best of any iPhone.

A triple-lens camera and pro-grade processor mean you can do what you need right on the phone.

The smaller screen size, albeit still 6.1-inches, makes it more appealing to many who find the ‘max’ phones a bit too much.

A professional level phone, of a single generation and that will last you many years.

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iPhone 12mini – 64GB

Price: $999


– Small size appealing to some

– still great power


– Two year model

– small screen

Size preference is a personal thing, and with the ‘mini’ size discontinued in the iPhone 14, many are wondering which phone will be next. Well, the iPhone 12 and 13 Mini can still be found, which means those of us who prefer a smaller device are onto something.

The thing about the ‘mini’ is that it has everything the regular iPhone 12 had, just on a smaller screen.

So a great dual-lens camera for standard wide and ultrawide photos, the sleek new square-edged look and fresh colors, plus it’s powerful and will last for years to come.

iPhone 11 – 128 GB – Refurbished/Renewed

Price: $890


– Good sized iPhone for less than $1000

– Well reconditioned

– More affordable


– It’s a used phone

– old model

Never look down on refurbished or refurbished phones. These have been thoroughly tested and reviewed, they are ready to use.

The iPhone 11 was very popular and now, at a price of less than $1000, it is a perfect replacement phone or the first iPhone.

Accessories are still easy to buy, and it has a great dual-lens camera and a comfortable rounded-edge body.

iPhone 8 256GB – Refurbished/Renewed

Price: $415


– Great price for a solid working iPhone

– Well reconditioned


– Software updates will end within 2 years

– Much older model

When your phone is broken or your kids ask for an iPhone and you won’t spend the full freight, this refurbished iPhone 8 is perfect. Plenty of storage, still running the latest iOS 16, and a good camera too.

For most, this will still be absolutely fine for anything you want to do, in fact I’d defy anyone to criticize the user experience outside of photo comparisons of course.

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