Cricket Wireless Offers iPhone Users Free Two-Week Trial; here is how to register

Cricket Wireless Offers iPhone Users Free Two-Week Trial;  here is how to register
Hey iPhone users, would you like to try Cricket Wireless for free? Cricket is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) owned by AT&T which means that, although it does not have its own networks, it does use the AT&T channel for its prepaid customers. Starting today, iPhone users can find the tryCricket app on the App Store, which will allow them to try Cricket Wireless free for 14 days.

Apple iPhone users can try Cricket Wireless for free during a two-week trial

The two-week free trial includes 3 GB of data and access to 5G service. The trial version also includes unlimited talk and text. You can check Cricket’s 5G coverage in your area by visiting or you can touch this link. Enter your address or zip code to see what service Cricket has in your backyard. And yes, if you agree to accept Cricket’s offer of a two-week free trial, you will be assigned a new phone number for the duration.
Cricket President John Dwyer says, “We’re taking a bold step so that everyone can enjoy Cricket. Once a new customer gives Cricket a try, they’ll see our great network, affordable plans and award-winning customer service.” customer is the reason customers who join Cricket stay with Cricket.” And before attacking Dwyer for saying “everyone,” while only iOS users are being offered the trial right now, Cricket says that Android users will be able to try Cricket for free sometime during the first half of 2023.

Jeff Moore, director of Wave7 Research, notes that “TryCricket is an eSIM program. There are several benefits of eSIM to simplify consumer experiences, including the ability to switch carriers more easily, the ability to have more than one number associated with a device, and the ability to easily choose a carrier when traveling abroad. Unlike a physical SIM card that sits in a physical SIM tray, an embedded SIM is soldered to the phone’s motherboard.

Cricket was the highest ranked MVNO in JD Power’s 2022 US Wireless Customer Care and Shopping Experience Mobile Virtual Network Operator Performance Studies – Vol. 1 and 2. The studies measured customer satisfaction in dealing with their MVNO’s customer service department and their shopping experiences.

If you are interested in the two-week free trial, please follow these instructions:

How tryCricket works

  1. Download the TryCricket App
  2. Confirm phone compatibility
  3. Request test SIM
  4. Activate Cricket trial trial
  5. Try our network at home, work and play

You will need an unlocked GSM compatible phone to experience Cricket 5G. Also, video is limited to SD (Standard Definition) quality. One test per person is allowed with five people allowed in one direction. When the trial ends, you can switch to Cricket using the tryCricket app. And don’t think you’ll be alone. Cricket Wireless currently has 13 million customers.

Write down the unique IMEI of your iPhone in advance. Here’s how to find it

To make signing up for the trial faster and easier, write down your iPhone’s IMEI number in advance. This is a unique identification number for your phone. You can find your phone’s IMEI number by pressing the Settings icon and tapping its name at the top of the screen. Scroll down until you see your phone’s name and tap on it. Under Device Information, you will see the IMEI number of your iPhone.

Cricket is part of AT&T’s fast-growing prepaid service operations, which has the fastest-growing prepaid portfolio in the nation. This latest comment is based on the number of net new customers added during the third quarter of this year.

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