Face ID not working with iOS 16 and iOS 16.1 – here’s how to fix it?

Face ID not working with iOS 16 and iOS 16.1 – here’s how to fix it?

The Cupertino-based tech giant announced its long-awaited iPhone 14 series on September 14 at its ‘Far-Out’ event. iOS 16 was the next-generation operating system that the iPhone 14 series ran out of. iOS 16 It comprises various customization features, including new widgets, revamped iMessage app, redesigned lock screen, improved haptics, etc. But every new major update comes with Significant vulnerabilities and issues, such as with iOS 16.

From the start, iPhone users have reported an unknown number of issues caused by running iOS 16 on their devices. Fast battery drainconnectivity issues, flickering screen issues and many more issues in between have been reported by iOS 16 users. Camera shake or shake issues and devices freezing after data transfer from another iPhone were the top issues users faced. However, Apple has released subsequent updates for the issues reported so far.

The issue users are facing after updating to iOS 16 is the face id not working, and Apple does not respond on the same. The problem started two months ago, right after iOS 16, when users updated to iOS 16 (Beta or Stable) and started having issues with Face ID.

iOS 16 and iOS 16.1 users face issues with Face ID

  • An unknown number of users have reported on various social media platforms that issues with Apple’s Face ID stopped working immediately after updating to iOS 16/ iOS 16.1.

It is not clear how many actual users have been affected by the problem, but the number of this is growing. And also, it is not clear if the iPhone devices in particular are involved with the problem.

An error image said: “Face ID is not available; please try setting up Face ID later.” Frustrated users have vented their anger on various social media platforms to find out if anyone else is facing the problem or to check for solutions.

To support the claim, a Reddit account holder stated that his Face ID stopped working two months ago when he updated to iOS 16. The account says, “After iOS 16 official update, Face ID stops working and shows this error. Face ID works perfectly fine before the update.”

face id problem

Also, a Twitter user faced with the problem said: “The current version of IOS running on iPhone is iOS 16.1 (20B82) has Face ID problem. Even the phone unlocks when my friend unlocks my phone with his Face ID.” This means that the problem is not limited to iOS 16, but iOS 16.1 users are also facing the problem with Face ID.

“Face ID is not available” error is identical to iOS 15.7.1 RC. As indicated in the report from early October MacRumorsiOS 15.7.1 RC (Release Candidate) made Face ID not work.

An iPhone 11 user reported about Twitter that he couldn’t use Face ID with his device. The tweet reads: “My guy updated his iPhone 11 to iOS 16 and his Face ID doesn’t work anymore.”

There are many users here and there upset about the Face ID problem. But these were just the three pieces of evidence supporting the claim that Face ID stops working when updated to iOS 16, and as mentioned, iOS 16.1 users are also part of the problem. As always, Apple remains unresponsive about the issue even though two months have passed.

Ways to fix iOS 16/ 16.1 Face ID not working issue

Users facing Face ID issue can try general troubleshooting.

  1. Pressing volume up, volume down and holding the power button until the Apple logo appears and disappears.
  2. Device reboot.
  3. degrading to iOS 16.0.3.
  4. Reset and attempt to set a new Face ID.
  5. Checking Face ID settings and making sure nothing is covering the TrueDepth camera. (By Apple support page).
  6. Checking for updates.

If you are also one of the users facing Face ID not working issue, then you should try the above-listed methods to tackle the issue and see if that helps. Otherwise, you have to wait for Apple’s word or the next software update (such as iOS 16.2) will probably solve the problem.

Rest everyone, are you also facing the problem with Face ID? How long have you been dealing with the problem? Tell us in the comments section below. And kindly contact us for further confirmation of problem solution.

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