Get unlimited data with this early iPhone 14 Black Friday deal for just £4.50/month

Get unlimited data with this early iPhone 14 Black Friday deal for just £4.50/month

Some decent iPhone 14 deals are finally showing up as we get closer to black Friday, and today’s deal in Carphone Warehouse’s Black Friday Presale sale is well worth checking out. You can get the latest Apple phone with unlimited data, text and minutes for just £41/month and £49 upfront (opens in a new tab) with Mobile ID. Plus, you can save even more money by trading in an old device.

The offer is active now and will run until November 29, the day after cyber monday. This is one of the best first Black Friday iPhone 14 Deals we’ve seen so far – giving you an unlimited 5G data contract for just over £100 more than the asking price of a iPhone 14which is £849. Over 24 months, you’ll spend £957. And that means you’ll only pay £4.50/month for the phone contract, which is ridiculously cheap.

The iPhone 14 may not represent a huge upgrade from last year’s model: the design and display are largely the same. But it still comes with some internal tweaks and a better 12MP main camera, with a larger sensor providing improved low-light performance.

We’d recommend this deal to anyone who’s been looking to upgrade to the newest Apple device and also wants a lot of data, but is on a tight budget. Alternatively, if you want to save even more money, and don’t mind missing out on the newest camera, consider a iPhone 13 deal (or wait a Black Friday iPhone 13 Sale) instead.

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