How to transfer messages from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp? (compatible with iPhone 14)

How to transfer messages from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp?  (compatible with iPhone 14)

Background: With more than 390.1 million monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most used messaging application. The original version of WhatsApp offers basic features like calls, messages, and media sharing with limited privacy options. On the other hand, GBWhatsApp is for users who like to modify their experience with additional features. The general operation of GBWhatsApp is like normal WhatsApp, but you can hide your blue tick, last seen for specific contacts, or even control media removal options.

When you have to transfer GBWhatsApp to the new phone, you may face some problems. GBWhatsApp does not support Meta so you need additional tools and methods for data transfer. This article will introduce you to the methods that work well with GBWhatsApp for normal WhatsApp transfer.

What is GBWhatsApp?

The goal of this 3dr party app is to introduce additional privacy and functionality to the normal version of WhatsApp. You will need to download the APK file for this version from Google as the Play Store does not support this app. Here are some additional features that you can enjoy with GBWhatsApp:

  • Enhanced privacy options
  • Hide last seen indicator
  • Control message status
  • Hide read receipts
  • Hide your last seen status from specific contacts
  • “Delete for everyone” does not work for GBWhatsApp

If you also use GBWhatsApp and now want to transfer this version’s message to the original WhatsApp, here are some methods that really work for Android and iOS. GBWhatsApp is currently available only for Android users.

How to transfer data from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp?

Are you upgrading to new phone and want to transfer messages from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp? You can’t do it just by changing numbers. So, here are methods you can try for data transfer.

Method 1: Switch from GBWhatsApp to normal WhatsApp without losing chats (100% Works)

If you want to keep your chats when you switch from GBWhatsApp to normal WhatsApp, you can do it through iCareFone Transfer. The best thing about this tool is the compatibility with iOS 16 and the latest iPhone 14. There are not many tools that support the latest devices and operating systems. With one click, you can perform various operations related to WhatsApp data transfer. Here are some salient features of the GBWhatsApp transfer tool:

  • Transfer Data from GBWhatsApp to Normal WhatsApp from Android to Android or Android to iPhone
  • Restore GBWhatsApp Backup to WhatsApp
  • transfer GBWhatsApp messages from old phone to new phone

Steps to transfer data from GBWhatsApp to normal WhatsApp via iCareFone Transfer

The process is easy and you can easily understand how to transfer data from GBWhatsApp to normal WhatsApp by following these steps. Your data is 100% safe and secure during the transfer process, and you will not lose any messages.

Step 1

Download and install iCareFone Transfer and choose the GBWhatsApp option on the home screen.

Step 2

Connect your iPhone and Android device to your computer and click the “Transfer” button.

Step 3

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen for safe data transfer from GBWhatsApp.

How to transfer messages from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp?  (compatible with iPhone 14)

Step 4

Wait a few minutes while the tool extracts GBWhatsApp data from the source device.

How to transfer messages from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp?  (compatible with iPhone 14)

step 5

Be sure to choose the types of data, files, and media you want to transfer because only the selected data will be transferred.

How to transfer messages from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp?  (compatible with iPhone 14)

step 6

Let the tool generate data that will be restored to the new device or normal WhatsApp.

Step 7

Now the next step is to transfer data to the target device, and the process will take a few minutes.

How to transfer messages from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp?  (compatible with iPhone 14)

step 8

You will get the final message on the screen once you have successfully transferred data from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp without losing any messages.

Method 2 – Transfer GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp by Restoring Backup File (Not Recommended)

WhatsApp backup is a great feature to easily access your messages and files on any device. When you try that approach for GBWhatsApp, it will not only take more time but it is also a bit technical. We generally do not recommend this method for users with little technical knowledge.

First of all, you need to make a new backup of GBWhatsApp chats. You can do it like normal WhatsApp. Now, follow these steps to restore GBWhatsApp backup to normal WhatsApp:

  1. Download WhatsApp but don’t set up an account
  2. Find the backup file in GBWhatsApp folder in File Manager
  3. Go to GBWhatsApp >> Databases >> rename the file to “msgstore.db” and create a copy
  4. Go to the normal WhatsApp folder and paste the copied file in the Databases folder
  5. Now, set up your WhatsApp as usual and restore your data

Cons of this method

This method is not only complicated, but also time consuming. Most of the users are not well aware of these technical steps and end up deleting all their chats. The success rate is also not impressive for this method.

Last words

If you want to transfer data from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp including chats and media, iCareFone Transfer is the best choice. This tool offers great features for other scenarios like transferring WhatsApp to a new phone. It will easily get the job done without the need for any technical knowledge. Try iCareFone Transfer and you will see that it is worth it.

people also ask

1: How can I restore WhatsApp data from GBWhatsApp?

You can backup chats on GBWhatsApp and then follow complicated steps to restore it, or you can choose iCareFone Transfer. Manual process is not recommended as it is complicated and risky while using iCareFone Transfer makes it easy for any user to restore WhatsApp data from GBWhatsApp.

2: How can I change WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp without losing the chats?

First, make sure you have created a backup on your official WhatsApp. In your GBWhatsApp, tap “copy WhatsApp data”, select copy WhatsApp data and check the phone number. Skip giving Google Drive permission if prompted. After setting up your profile, your WhatsApp chats should load into GBWhatsApp right away.

3: How do I get rid of GBWhatsApp ban?

Some users may get their GBWhatsApp account banned and they will also lose access to their official WhatsApp account. You can contact support stating valid reasons why your account should be unbanned. To avoid a GBWhatsapp ban in the future, it is suggested that you switch to the official WhatsApp app.

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