These apps support live activities and Dynamic Island in iOS 16

These apps support live activities and Dynamic Island in iOS 16

Apple debuted live Activities, a convenient way to view time-sensitive information from third-party apps on the lock screen, in iOS 16.1, and third-party apps have already developed some cool ways to use the feature. Live Activities is perhaps the most anticipated iOS feature for iOS 16, and it wasn’t available at launch. However, Apple was quick to deliver on its promise to launch Live Activities support by the end of the year. apple included the feature in the release of iOS 16.1, which was also highlighted by support for clean power charging and shared iCloud photo library. But of those three features, Live Activities is the one most likely to affect daily use, if users install the right third-party apps.


Live Activities can be used by anyone with an iPhone updated to iOS 16.1, but some users may make better use of the feature than others. That’s because of Dynamic Island, a new way of presenting information in the iPhone’s status bar. Dynamic Island replaced the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max and can house status indicators as well as live activities. For example, it expands to show as many as two Live Activities at once per Apple design guidelines. For users without Dynamic Island, developers can send Live Activities that essentially work as a push notification. Since these are more intrusive, Apple recommends that apps only provide these live activities if your information is vital.

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To maximize Live Activities in iOS 16, users need to install the right third-party apps, and a few stand out. The most intuitive is lock Launcher, an app with features as catchy as the name. Allows users to add shortcuts to their favorite or most used apps on their lock screen. Of course, some apps work better than others, but for the most part, having Lock Launcher on your lock screen is the fastest way to launch apps. Lock Launcher is also available on Dynamic Island, but user results may vary. Due to Apple design guidelines, tapping an app icon on the dynamic island it usually requires the Lock Launcher app to be opened before launching the desired app.

View weather and flight information on the lock screen and Dynamic Island

For people who always like to know the time, the time CARROT The app provides a robust implementation of Live Activities in one update. The app can display incoming rain and snow on lock screen and dynamic island. If users open the CARROT weather app and rain or snow is forecast in the next hour, the app will automatically display the storm’s progress as a live activity. Users can see how much time is left until rain is expected and view a bar graph that represents the hourly forecast. This is locked behind a premium subscription to CARROT, priced at $4.99 per month or $19.99 per month.

Similarly, for people who travel frequently, the Frivolous The app adds the ability to display critical flight details as a live activity. The app can display information both on the lock screen and on the dynamic island. Within Dynamic Island, Flighty displays the time remaining until departure and the gate number. Users get more details on the lock screen and expanded view of Dynamic Island: Flighty shows departure time, arrival time, gate number and other flight details. Like CARROT, these features are locked behind a pro subscription, starting at $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year. More applications will get support by live activities in the future, but for now, here are the most impressive ways to use the best feature of iOS 16.

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