Top 10 Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android

Top 10 Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android

Given the wealth of online technology and mobile devices available to children today, including the recent launch of the iPhone 14 and Google Pixel 7 in Q3 2022, parental controls have never been more important. Whether you use smartphones, tablets, watches, etc. With iOS or Android, monitoring a child’s online activity through web filtering, location tracking, and app management is essential to keeping them safe.

From easy-to-use features to keylogging, screen recording, geofencing, and more, the best parental control apps in 2022 offer a wide range of options for both Apple and Android users.



Available for Android, iOS

Most tech gurus agree that NetNanny is one of the best overall parental control apps to use on both Android and iOS. In addition to having an affordable subscription price ($4-11 per month) and an extremely easy-to-use user interface that allows users to track their entire family’s online activity in one convenient place, the app is one of the best customizable web filtering tools on the market.

Compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle, and Chromebook devices, the app can track a child’s location, display their location history, and set online time allotments. The iOS version also allows users to block up to 100 apps on their children’s devices, while the Android version can block 100% of the apps. A great tool for filtering a child’s Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube content, NetNanny is hard to beat in 2022.


Available for Android, iOS

Compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Kindle and Chromebook devices, qustodio is another leading brand in the creation of safe digital spaces for children. The app has an automatic web filtering system that keeps dangerous content out of children’s reach right away. Parents can also monitor web and app activity, including SMS, voice, gaming, location, and all major social media platforms, and set daily or weekly time limits for internet usage.

Additionally, Qustodio comes with the Family Locator tool (iOS and Android) that can track a child’s physical location using real-time GPS, as well as an SOS panic alert (Android only) that allows children to share their location with others. fathers. With cross-platform functionality and an intuitive online control panel, few apps allow parents to monitor all of their children’s Internet activity.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Available for Android, iOS

When it comes to the best affordable parental control app for Android and iOS in 2022, Kaspersky Safe Kids it’s hard to beat. The free plan allows parents to set screen time limits, manage apps, and filter web content. But for just $15 per year, the app can track an unlimited number of a child’s devices and create safe virtual boundaries by using in-depth geofencing and data tracking technology.

Kaspersky Safe Kids also hides adult Internet pages from children, allows parents to block access to inappropriate websites (including gambling), monitors web history, shows physical locations, and more. Between its free and affordable versions, the app is a no-brainer for parents looking to keep their kids safe online.


Available for Android, iOS

It is often considered the most effective parental control app designed specifically for cross-platform monitoring. Mobicip allows parents to instantly lock all family devices, block all video and streaming apps and websites, and view up to 4 weeks of a child’s internet activity. Between its user-friendly interface, daily/weekly time limit settings, and concern for customer data privacy, Mobicip is an ideal choice in 2022.

Mobicip’s additional features include geolocation tracker to find a child’s physical whereabouts, a customizable web filter tool to block any website or app of a parent’s choosing, and desktop and mobile device compatibility. Beyond the amazing 7-day free trial, Mobicip’s most expensive X-Large subscription plan is just $8.49 per month.

Norton family

Available for Android and iOS

One of the most trusted names in Internet security, the Norton family The parental control app is more expensive ($50 per year) than most, but those who invest in it will get the most bang for their buck. In addition to monitoring Internet activity, Norton Family also allows parents to monitor their children while they are online.

While Norton Family’s high-performance web filtering, location tracking, and time scheduling tools are comparable for Android and iOS, it’s worth noting that the time allocation feature and app management tools are only comparable. offer for Android. Still, between blocking Hulu and YouTube and the great School Time feature that keeps kids engaged during remote learning sessions, Norton Family has all the security measures covered.

Available for Android

The only completely free parental control App No Android User Should Live Without, Google Family Link it is surprisingly effective compared to its more expensive competitors. The excellent performance combined with the attractive user interface makes it easy and accessible to use. Also, no other controller allows parents to give the system permission to all apps installed on a child’s Android device.

While Google has its own privacy concerns, it’s hard to miss the fact that the app is completely free to use and still manages to compete with its competitors’ web filtering, location monitoring, and data tracking. Although Google Family Link is not available for iOS, parents can still use iOS devices and all iPhone models to monitor a child’s activity once it is installed.


Available for Android and iOS

With the ability to monitor up to 20 devices at once, OurCovenant It used to be the ultimate resource for iPhone parental protection. Today, it is just as effective on various iPads for toddlers as well as Android products, allowing parents to restrict or block and manage all apps on children’s devices. Freedom and flexibility are hard to compete with.

Parents can track browser history, block text messages (even undecipherable ones), filter websites, limit screen time usage, locate their kids’ whereabouts, and more. Through the premium payment plan ($10 per month), OurPact also allows parents to access screenshots from a child’s device.


Available for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire

When it comes to monitoring a child’s email, text messages, social media, apps, and voice calls for Android, iOS, and Amazon mobile devices, Bark is one of the most acclaimed parental control apps on the market. For a Bark Premium fee of just $14 per month, parents can monitor more than 30 social media apps at once to make sure their child stays up to date.

In addition to tracking texts and emails, Bark’s ability to monitor all of the popular millennial apps, from Snapchat, Kik, and WhatsApp to Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, various Apple Watch Face apps, and many more, is what really sets it apart from the rest. With its 24/7 detection tool, Bark even warns parents about cyberbullying, online grooming, suicidal ideation, and the like.


Available for Android, iOS

For parents who feel the need to go the extra mile in terms of eavesdropping and even privacy violations to keep their children safe, uMobix is a next level parental control app that essentially turns you into James Bond. Parents can monitor call logs, use real-time GPS location tracking, record and store a child’s keystrokes through Keylogging, and literally spy on social media interactions.

More impressively, UMobix downloads media files from the target device remotely, allowing top secrecy when tracking a child’s Internet usage. As extreme as it sounds, some parents require the extra benefits that an app like UMobix offers.


Available for Android and iOS

Self-proclaimed as “America’s #1 Choice”, MSpy takes parental control apps to the highest degree of security. As intrusive as it sounds, MSpy allows parents to monitor a child’s every text touch and keystroke, read social media conversations, identify where they’ve been and where they’re going, access photos they’ve shared/received, review deleted texts, witness your internet activity and do it all without being detected. As such, MSpy put parents in absolute God mode.

While many parents won’t have to go to such lengths to keep their kids as safe as possible physically and digitally, MSpy is there for those who feel the need to go a step beyond basic parental control features. more popular. applications in 2022.

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