Which big-screen Apple phone should you buy?

Which big-screen Apple phone should you buy?

This would have been a ‘no’ discussion last year. For quite a few years now, you had to shell out a lot of money (or rupees) if you wanted to buy the iPhone with the biggest screen and the best battery. the iPhone 14 plus all that has changed. An interesting item has been added to the iPhone 14 2022 portfolio which also includes the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro twins. With a starting price of just under Rs 90,000, it is Rs 50,000 cheaper than the iPhone 14 ProMax but it gives you a robust battery and a large screen. Should you go with the 14 Plus and save extra money or go Pro?

Chill pill or notch?

Once you get past the name, Dynamic Island, you’ll enjoy the functionality of the cutout reserved for this year’s Pro siblings. The Notch has been reduced to a new pill-shaped cutout that houses the components of Face ID and the front camera. Not only is it visibly smaller than the Notch, but it also adds a completely new and intuitive navigation experience. You can stay on your home screen even while monitoring ongoing background activities. It’s the same notch on the iPhone 14 Plus, an iPhone constant since 2017. It’s not just Dynamic Island, the 14 Pro Max features a more immersive display with ProMotion and a 120Hz refresh rate. It’s also brighter (2000 nits brightness max) compared to the iPhone 14 Plus which maxes out at 1200 nits. If you’re a compulsive gamer, then the 120Hz refresh rate and smoother scrolling make all the difference, but if you’re just watching the occasional video or the odd show on Netflix, the 14 Plus might be all the screen you need.

Brute force

Many platforms have taken a dim view of Apple’s decision to equip the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus with the same A15 bionic chip that powered the 2021 iPhones. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. The 14 Plus topped every task we threw at it, and given how old iPhones are, it’s covered for years to come. Yes, the A16 bionic chip under the Pro Max’s hood is cutting edge, but it’s not something that should influence your choice between these two devices.

star design

While the notch might look dated, the 14 Plus is an attractive device. The Pro Max features a premium stainless steel finish, but it’s probably hidden behind a rear cover, unless you’re one of those brave people who carry their Pro Max without a case. At 203g, 14 Plus is the perfect weight. It’s about 20% lighter than the Pro Max and slightly lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro. It’s this form of lighter weight despite a large battery that’s one of our favorite features of the 14 Plus. It’s also easier to repair thanks to a new design that allows the back glass and screen to be removed separately at a lower cost than before. ifFixit did a takedown that demonstrates this in a blog post. If you’re concerned about maintenance costs or are prone to damaging phones with butter fingers, this is something to consider.

do not answer

The Pro Max has a clear advantage when it comes to camera credits. The iPhone 14 Pro Max (and Pro) becomes the first iPhone to feature a 48MP primary camera that gets a boost from a four-pixel sensor. It adapts to the photo being captured and features second-generation sensor-shift optical image stabilization. Low-light images look visibly better even when captured in a handy 12MP photo size. You can shoot ProRAW at 48MP if you need more detail, but you’ll need plenty of storage space to accommodate the large files on your iPhone. Overall, the results were fantastic. You do, however, get some of Apple’s great tools like cinematic mode and the new action mode on the iPhone 14 Plus. You’ll need a Pro Max if zoom photography is a key buying factor. The 14 and 14 Plus miss out on a telephoto lens.

Pro or Plus

If you’re one of those guys who lives life on the cutting edge, upgrades your phone every year, and needs the best iPhone, you know what you want. In our tests, the 14 Plus has the edge in the battery department. The Pro Max performed better once we disabled the always-on display, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This new feature is one of our favorite add-ons on Pro devices this year. iPhone 14 Pro Max brings the best of Apple with a best-in-class processor, superior camera and display. If these features aren’t a deal breaker, then the 14 Plus could be all the big iPhone you need and offer you significant savings.

the iPhone 14 ProMax it starts at Rs 1,39,900 while the iPhone 14 Plus starts at Rs 89,900

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