Belkin iPhone MagSafe Mount is a convenient upgrade for your Mac’s webcam

Belkin iPhone MagSafe Mount is a convenient upgrade for your Mac’s webcam

The Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe is specifically designed to rest on top of a MacBook’s display lid, making it a great way to use the Continuity Camera.

The best feature of macOS Ventura could be Continuity Camera, which allows an iPhone’s rear camera to be used as a Mac’s webcam, and Belkin’s iPhone The MagSafe mount is designed precisely to fit an iPhone on top of a MacBook display lid. Belkin is one of Apple’s leading accessory designers, generally with the quality to match even Apple’s own options. However, this usually comes at a premium price which is also shared with Apple accessories. The introduction of MagSafe on the iPhone has allowed Belkin and other designers to bring new accessories that have never been possible before. The Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe is one such accessory, and it’s a must-buy for iPhone and MacBook users who want to enhance their webcam experience.


macOS Ventura is a fairly light update compared to previous versions of Apple’s desktop operating system, but that’s because the software has matured. The most impressive feature is the continuity camera, which serves as a way to quickly improve the quality of a Mac’s webcam. Users have criticized the quality of the MacBook’s webcam for years, and it’s especially relevant that Apple makes great cameras in its mobile devices. Apple updated the webcam on recent MacBooks, but discovered a new way to improve camera quality: Using the iPhone. People already carry a great camera in their pockets every day with the iPhone, and using that great camera on a Mac just makes sense.

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Belkin’s iPhone mount with MagSafe, which is available through apple online storeis a small circular disk that is about the size of Apple’s MagSafe charging disc. It has a built-in kickstand with ring grip, which essentially makes the mount serve as a PopSocket phone mount. The ring grip is very satisfying to open and close with a good amount of resistance. It’s made of steel and aluminum, so it feels premium. Fortunately, the parts that come into contact with an iPhone or MacBook are made of soft silicone so they won’t damage or scratch those devices. Belkin’s mount is about the same thickness as Apple’s MagSafe Wallet, at just a quarter-inch in size, so it’s more than possible to keep the mount on an iPhone all the time.

How does it connect to a Macbook?

Users would be right to wonder how exactly a mount as small as Belkin’s can safely connect an iPhone to their MacBook. However, there is no reason to fear when using a MacBook on a desktop. The stand has a flip-up attachment, allowing it to rest securely on the MacBook’s display lid. More importantly, the magnets inside the iPhone mount are incredibly strong. Before using Belkin’s iPhone mount, the company’s Car Vent Mount Pro was one of the safest MagSafe accessories. After using the mount, it appears that the Belkin iPhone Mount is the strongest MagSafe accessory tested, beating Apple’s MagSafe Wallet and Anker’s MagGo options are practical.

The mount is held with the ring grip pointing up with the rear camera on top when the iPhone is held horizontally. This puts the stand in the perfect position to attach to a MacBook or use as a kickstand. Much to the surprise, the MacBook Air M2’s lid remains upright even with the heavy iPhone 14 Pro attached. It works exactly as expected and is a must have for video calls. The main camera of the iPhone 14 makes the integrated webcam of the MacBook look like it was years old. The camera quality is significantly better and it looks like it will make users look more professional and add rich details to important video calls. It was clearly designed with Continuity Camera in mind. For users who own both a iPhone and MacBook, the Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe is a great way to improve your webcam quality for just $29.

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