Google Pixel 7a Leaks, Galaxy S23 Ultra Specs, The iMessage Killer Is Killed

Google Pixel 7a Leaks, Galaxy S23 Ultra Specs, The iMessage Killer Is Killed

Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the Android world, this week’s Android circuit includes Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaks, Google ignores benchmarking, Pixel 7a specs, Huawei wins camera award smartphone reviews, Razr 2022 and Nokia X30 5G reviews, Qualcomm’s smartphone prediction and killing the iMessaging killer.

Android Circuit is here to remind you of some of the many things that have happened around Android in the last week (and you can find Apple’s weekly news roundup here).

More Galaxy S23 Ultra spec leaks

Samsung’s next flagship (at least for traditional phones, like the S23 Ultra). And like many other flagships before it, the South Korean company will lean on its camera-making prowess:

“…the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 200MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, a 10MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, and a 10MP telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom. While only the main camera appears to be getting an update, previous reports have indicated that the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras will also see improvements, thanks to better image processing.”


The tensioner test is not just a number

Everyone loves a benchmark, a nice clean number that says X is better than Y. But what happens when you design something that works better but doesn’t have the best number? Google is dealing with this right now and is very happy that its Tensor Mobile chipset doesn’t have that big of a number:

“They may tell some story, but we don’t feel like they tell the whole story. So for us, what we compare is the actual software workloads that we’re running on our chip, and then we push with each tensor chip generation to make them better.” whether it’s better quality, better performance, lower power consumption.

(Made by Google Podcast via 9to5Google).

Pixel 7a details leak

Six months after the launch of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google announced the Pixel 6a, a mid-range phone that brought the Tensor Mobile chipset and advanced AI to a broader market. Will it be a surprise that a Pixel 7a is being planned and Google adds it to the list of features?

“Another notable change that seems to be coming for the Pixel 7a is the introduction of wireless charging. As first spotted by Android researcher Kuba Wojciechowski, the Lynx Pixel 7a is set to include the “P9222” chip for wireless charging. That said, according to the manufacturer, the Pixel 7a’s wireless charging chip is only capable of 5W charging and is more suited to something like a headphone charging case.


The number 1 camera so far

Huawei’s Mate 50 Pro ranked first in DXOMark’s global smartphone camera rankings, with its wide operating range and software processing highlighted:

“In photography, the Mate 50 Pro received the best overall score to date, thanks to excellent results in exposure, autofocus, and texture/noise. Overall, it provided very pleasing rendering, even in challenging conditions such as low-key scenes.” light or high dynamic range.


Reviews below the fold

Motorola’s full-screen but foldable Razr 2022 flip phone certainly has the iconic look, but does the latest iteration have what it takes to be considered the best phone in its class? The GSM Arena team reviews the phone to answer that question:

“The Razr 2022 is a truly premium device, through and through. Motorola clearly decided to go all out on the flip cover this time around, and it shows. Some of the phone’s highlights include its sleek, refined design and excellent Plus, the beautiful high-performance foldable display and solid stereo speakers. While not without a few issues, mostly related to weird software limitations, the camera setup on the Razr 2022 didn’t let us down either.”

(GSM Stadium).

Nokia X30 5G Review

The Nokia X30 5G is the latest mid-range phone from the HMD Global team, and with nothing in the higher price bands, this is effectively the flagship device. Michael Allison has spent time with the midway phone and finds the description to be quite accurate:

“I’ve been using the Nokia X30 over the course of a week and have found it to be a very adequate phone with nothing particularly standing out. That’s fine in a bubble, but at this competitive price, it’s a problem.”

(digital trends).

Phone sales are going to fall

Qualcomm has predicted that mobile phone sales will fall over the next year, citing economic conditions in its latest financial reports, with a double-digit percentage drop likely… and the signs are already there:

“Two of those ‘biggest customers’ likely include Samsung and Apple, which use Qualcomm chips in their smartphones, and both have struggled with not selling enough phones. In June, Korean industry site TheElec said Samsung in It had 50 million smartphones in stock at the time, while Bloomberg reported in September that Apple decided not to increase production of its new iPhone 14 lineup. And Apple’s iPhone revenue for the previous quarter was below estimates. , another indication of lukewarm demand for the iPhone 14” lineup.

(the edge).

And finally…

Google has shut down another service that was once seen as the brave new world. Google Hangouts is no more. Ron Amadeo looks at Apple’s possible answer to iMessage and wonders what’s happening with messaging now:

“The shutdown of Hangouts is the latest chapter in the mess that is Google’s messaging history. Google Talk launched 17 years ago, and Google still doesn’t have a competitive messaging platform. Part of the reason we’re in the Google’s umpteenth messaging app is that there is no solid, stable home for messaging within Google.”

(Ars Technica).

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