8 tricks to charge an iPhone faster

8 tricks to charge an iPhone faster

Smartphones have been charging faster as time goes on. However, you may not have been aware of other ways to reduce loading time.

They will help you keep up with important activities on your mobile devices. More importantly, they could extend battery life.

This article will list numerous ways to charge an iPhone faster. You’ll delve into various built-in features, third-party add-ons, and lesser-known methods.

#1. Do not use an old charger.

This is an iPhone charging.

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As the name suggests, a fast charger could quickly top up your iPhone battery. You can use a 20W power adapter with a USB-C to Lightning cable if you have an iPhone 8 or later.

Ten minutes could increase the battery by double digits. Wait 30 minutes and your iPhone could go from 0% to 50%.

Let it sit for an hour and your phone will be 100%. Soon, you may not need to use an adapter. Apple implemented USB-C connectivity for iPhone in the EU.

#two. Use a wireless charger.

This represents a way to charge an iPhone faster.

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of Apple MagSafe charger is another way to charge an iPhone faster. This option is available if you have an iPhone 12 or later.

The MagSafe supports 15W faster charging for the iPhone 13 and 14. Half an hour of charging could restore 30% of battery power.

You can try other chargers that use the Qi standard, but they only provide 7.5 watts. As a result, they are hardly an improvement over the conventional 5-watt wall charger.

#3. Don’t use your computer to recharge phones.

This is an iPhone charging on a computer.

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If you work remotely, you can link your phone to your laptop. After all, it seems like a more convenient way to recharge because you don’t have to look for a plug.

However, it is the least effective way to recharge your iPhone battery. USB ports on your computer do not provide the same amount of power as wall outlets.

That’s especially true for older PCs with bad ports or incompatible charging cables. As a result, it is better to plug your phone into a socket.

#4. Do not use your phone while it is charging.

This is a person using their phone while it is charging.

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You can’t charge an iPhone faster while using it as all its functions consume power. Instead, you could use other devices while it’s charging.

For example, let’s say you want to watch a show on Netflix. You could open your Mac and play the videos on it.

Another way to make charging easier is to turn off your iPhone. Consequently, the charger’s energy would be concentrated in the battery and recharge it faster.

On the other hand, you can turn on airplane mode. Turn off features like mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to help charge an iPhone faster.

#5. Set the built-in features.

This represents a way to charge an iPhone faster.

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You can modify the settings that consume power. For example, turn on low power mode. It would disable features like auto-lock, 5G, background app refresh, and more.

You can also dim the screen while the phone is charging. That would allow your phone to consume less power. Then you can restore the brightness of the screen.

You can activate the dark mode if you want to squeeze more battery life. It could slightly reduce power consumption.

#6. Get a new battery.

This is a low battery iPhone.

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Does your phone need a new battery? Check it out by tapping the Settings app Then hit the Drums, so he Battery status and charge option.

Is your iPhone displaying the message “Your battery health is significantly degraded.” or something similar? If that’s the case, you need to replace your battery.

You can book an appointment on the Apple iPhone Battery Service website. The cost depends on the make and model of your iPhone.

#7. Buy a new iPhone.

This is the iPhone 14.

Photo Credit: 9to5mac.com

Replacing the battery of an older iPhone model may not be practical. if yours is a iPhone XS or earlier, it’s ideal to buy a new iPhone instead.

Fortunately, the iPhone 14 released a few months ago. It has the latest updates that improve energy efficiency.

On the other hand, you can wait until next year for the next iteration of the iPhone. Rumors online say that Apple could launch a iPhone 15 in 2023.


You can charge an iPhone faster by turning off features or the device. Also, fast chargers could reduce charging time.

Please follow safety precautions when charging to keep your phone safe and avoid potential dangers. For example, stop charging your iPhone once it reaches 100% battery life.

That would prolong battery life and prevent overheating. Plus, you can read more Inquirer USA articles while you wait.

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