Black Friday Samsung deals: $300 off Galaxy S22 Ultra, $2,500 off 85-inch TV

Black Friday Samsung deals: 0 off Galaxy S22 Ultra, ,500 off 85-inch TV

I always say that you have to be a fan of the product, not the brand. But when a brand makes electronics for virtually every facet of life, it’s hard to go against the grain. Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung has been producing quality technology for decades, including smartphones, wearable devices, televisions, and home appliances found in homes around the world.

Naturally, there are plenty of amazing Black Friday deals out there. In fact, the nation’s largest retailers have already kicked off the holiday shopping festivities, slashing prices across the board on Samsung’s best products and devices. But don’t worry, I’ve done the dirty work, checked out the circulars, and listed the best deals below.

The best Samsung deals for early Black Friday 2022 overall

Below, you’ll find my top picks for Samsung’s early Black Friday deals.

  • Current price: $899
  • Original Price: $1199

I’ve tested too many smartphones to count in 2022, but the one that remains the best of the best is Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra. Unless you’re a fan of small phones, the S22 Ultra is about as complete as a modern smartphone gets: a 6.8-inch AMOLED LTPO display with 120Hz refresh rate, 5000mAh battery, built-in S Pen stylus, camera quad configuration, the list goes on.

Right now, you can save $300 on Samsung’s flagship at most big box retailers, and I don’t expect the deal to get any better on Black Friday.

  • Current price: $3,999
  • Original Price: $6,499

For something a little more splurge-worthy, check out Samsung’s massive 85-inch 8K Neo QLED TV. The smaller 65-inch and 75-inch variants are also discounted, but it’s the larger option, at $2,500 off, that’s more worth it, in my opinion.

For the price, you get one of the most color-rich and detailed TVs on the market, with Samsung’s Quantum Mini LEDs powering each individual pixel for the brightest whites and darkest blacks. You may also be wondering why you need an 8K TV when 99% of the YouTube and Netflix content you watch is in 1080p. Well, Samsung built in a Neural Quantum Processor 8K that upscales HD videos and movies to look as sharp and lifelike as real 8K resolution.

  • Current price: $2,999
  • Original Price: $3,499

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is a 55-inch monitor. That statement alone should be enough to split a room in two. If you’re in the camp wondering why this exists, let me help you out.

The Odyssey Ark is a gamer’s paradise, a curved, high-refresh-rate panel that envelops any user who sits (or stands) in front of it. As a result, you get what is possibly the most immersive viewing experience on any monitor, and one that can even rotate 90 degrees. In doing so, the Odyssey Ark becomes a wave of four screens stacked on top of one another for the ultimate multitasking hub. It’s not cheap at $2,999, but that’s the lowest price I’ve seen to date.

  • Current price: $199
  • Original Price: $229

A $30 discount doesn’t make the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro an impulse buy, but if you’re looking for the best pair of wireless earbuds from the Galaxy maker, this is it. Personally, I carry the Buds 2 Pro as my daily driver, as I find the earbuds to be very comfortable to wear, have excellent sound performance, and have ANC that can block out the most unsavory bystanders. They also support tap-based gesture control which is much more favorable, in my opinion, than pinching stems or swiping.

  • Current price: $999
  • Original Price: $1,499

Samsung’s Frame TV saw a 2022 refresh in April along with the rest of the company’s QLED and OLED suite and has been living rent-free in my head ever since. The concept remains the same as it was years ago; the screen blends in with the walls of the living room, kitchen or bedroom with the help of the wooden frames and Art Mode, which projects a visually textured painting on the TV when left idle. In addition to its main function, there is a new screen with a matte treatment that makes the optical illusion even more realistic.

For a limited time, you can purchase the latest 55-inch version of The Frame for $500 off.

More early Black Friday 2022 Samsung deals

Here are some other Black Friday Samsung deals happening right now:

Samsung’s product portfolio spans more than most companies, so exploring the best deals meant sifting through several categories, including smartphones, wearables, TVs, and home appliances. We try to find the latest deals on products that, based on personal research and testing experiences, are worth your time. This way you will have the comfort of buying good products at better prices.

Black Friday always falls the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday will be on November 25, 2022.

Cyber ​​Monday is always the Monday after Black Friday. This year, it will be on Monday, November 28, 2022.

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