Brooks scores 23 as the Grizzlies beat the Hornets 130-99 | Sports

Brooks scores 23 as the Grizzlies beat the Hornets 130-99 |  Sports

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Dillon Brooks scored 23 points, tying his career high with six 3-pointers, and the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Charlotte Hornets 130-99 on Friday night.

Desmond Bane finished with 19 points as eight Grizzlies players reached double figures. Steven Adams had 13 points and 19 rebounds, controlling the paint as Memphis built a big lead in the first half and continued to extend it after halftime. Brooks is 6-for-7 from 3-point range and is 17-for-29 from outside the arc in the last five games.

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