Frustrated residents eager to benefit from Nain’s new water supply | News

Despite spending $130 million for a new water supply system in the New Building community in Nain, St Elizabeth, many residents complain that they still do not see immediate benefits.

On Thursday, the Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Senator Matthew Samuda, switched on his new water supply system, which is part of the Essex Valley Water Supply and Improvement Project.

The area currently consists of over 400 occupied homes and several vacant lots for future housing development.

At the water supply commissioning ceremony, Raymond Nesbeth, accounts receivable manager for the National Water Commission (NWC), said that 12 households are already connected and 100 are in the process.

Tisha Brooks, one of the residents, said the gleaneras she waited for Samuda’s arrival, how disappointed she was that the system she’d been hearing about for months was finally in place, but she wouldn’t have access to it the night of its commissioning.

“I’m not satisfied…not until I get it inside my house. dem [NWC] let’s say we’ll text information for us to go and pay, and we don’t hear anything else,” said the 42-year-old, who has lived in the area all her life. the gleaner.

“I heard that affi we buy pipe to run, but I don’t get information from wi go to register. Mi nuh memba what month I signed up for, but it hasn’t hit a year yet,” she said.

Brooks hasn’t tried to pay a deposit because he’s still waiting for a promised text from the NWC to sign up.

His neighbor, Donesha Campbell, said that the NWC promised months ago to create an account number where they would then connect, but, to date, that has not materialized.

“Dem seh, when they created the account number, someone would come, we would go pay and they would come connect the pipe to our house and we called the plumber to connect, but we didn’t hear anything,” the 39-year-old said. that he has lived in the community his entire life without running water, he said.

On the other hand, Angelita Barnes, another resident who has been living in the community for 49 years without water, recalled when the community had a water line that ran to a pipe at the door of the mother of a former member of parliament, and she is elated that she will soon be able to access it at home.

“I feel good about it. I have a tank and a drum of water, so I have to be buying water,” she said.

Franklin Witter, Member of Parliament for St Elizabeth South Eastern, said the advocacy for New Building residents to have piped water in their NWC homes dates back to 2007, at a cost of about $60 million.

He explained that the closure of the JISCO/ALPART Bauxite Plant delayed the process, since they were depending on the plant to make the project a success.

“They were not in a position to honor their commitment regarding the additional funding that they would have promised,” he said.

Samuda was elated to commission the water services.

“This is an important signal, not only for the people of the southern belt of Santa Isabel, but rather, it is an important signal for the entire country.”

“For those who have been watching news and current affairs for the last six or seven months, we have said every Thursday, ‘Other’, because the reality is that we have highlighted the work of the NWC and indeed the Ministry. of Economic Growth and Job Creation, in fulfillment of the commitment of the Right Honorable Prime Minister Andrew Holness, every Thursday,” he said.

He stressed that the commissioning of water has been taking place in rural communities and not in urban areas.

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