Galaxy S23 Ultra: We have a problem! Samsung needs to remove this key feature to compete with the dominant iPhone Pro Max

Galaxy S23 Ultra: We have a problem!  Samsung needs to remove this key feature to compete with the dominant iPhone Pro Max

A new Ultra phone is just around the corner, and it’s not the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra! Long before then, Samsung is preparing to launch the next generation of its mighty Galaxy series, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the beastly flagship of the family. Expected to come with a more powerful processor and a new 200MP camera sensor, the upcoming S23 Ultra is the most anticipated Android phone of 2023. But as Samsung focuses on improving those essential areas, I feel like the company is also making a mistake. big miscalculation. . Worse yet, that miscalculation appears to be at the heart of Samsung’s strategy.

There is one feature that makes this phone special, unique so to speak. And that is without a doubt the built-in S Pen stylus. No other mainstream flagship has it. And for some people, the S Pen is THE reason they buy a Galaxy.

So, am I suggesting… delete it? Before you jump on me and accuse me of trying to remove that user favorite feature, let me explain.

The S Pen: a double-edged sword for Samsung

The S Pen is great for SOME people, and those people have made it clear that they not only like it, they love it, and often can’t live without it. Everything’s fine! But what is the actual percentage of people who use the S Pen on a regular basis?

Well, turns out it’s not that good! In a survey we conducted among our YouTube audience, when asked if users need a built-in stylus on their phones, 28% answered “yes” and 60% said “no”, while the other 11 % I was not sure.

The numbers may be slightly different depending on the group you’re surveying, but get the gist and the numbers say it: the vast majority of people don’t need a stylus!

And this is actually a big deal for a company that insists on including it in its flagship phone!

Come to think of it, those numbers aren’t exactly surprising: If most people needed a stylus, there would be more companies offering stylus phones, but there just aren’t.

The S Pen isn’t exactly a small thing like a headphone jack or port, either: it’s a huge thing that takes up a lot of space inside the phone. Quite a waste for something most users don’t need, don’t you think?

And then comes the other question, how many people who need an S Pen really need it EVERY DAY? I mean, how many really want it built into the phone, and how many would be fine with an S Pen that you can occasionally carry around in a case like the one on the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

All those questions lead me to one thought and that is how extremely strange it is that Samsung doesn’t offer users any choice! It would be nice to have Samsung’s most capable flagship phone without an S Pen…if you’re never going to use it!

Could this be the best new feature of Galaxy Ultra?

At the same time, an interesting counterpoint to the rarely used S Pen is a feature that’s commonly used dozens or hundreds of times a day, but isn’t included in the Galaxy. Yes, we are talking about proper 3D facial recognition!

Samsung’s Galaxy phones support image-based facial recognition, but it’s not as secure as a fingerprint scanner, it doesn’t work in harsh conditions, and it’s generally not reliable enough to be your primary biometric solution.

I imagine a lot more people would enjoy using a Galaxy with some kind of 3D Face ID, sort of like an iPhone in the Android world.

And it’s not that 3D Face ID is something incredibly complex to create: Huawei introduced its own 3D face unlock less than a year after Apple introduced Face ID (hello, Huawei Mate 20 Pro), and Huawei’s was faster and perfectly trustworthy. Samsung could easily make this happen and I imagine the benefits of such a move would be great.

One caveat with a 3D Face ID solution is that it needs to have a notch, which admittedly some people might not like, but judging by iPhone sales, a notch is definitely not a deal breaker.

Removing the S Pen opens up a thousand new possibilities

Also, a new Galaxy flagship without an S Pen could be an amazing opportunity for Samsung!

Imagine the next Galaxy having a 6000mAh battery instead of the S Pen! In today’s landscape, Apple’s iPhone Pro Max series dominates the high-end smartphone market, and much of that dominance has a lot to do with incredible battery life. The Galaxy has a chance to match or even beat the best iPhone in terms of battery life. I can’t think of a better reason for Samsung to offer a version of the Galaxy without the S Pen!

But would offering a second version of the Galaxy Ultra make Samsung’s life more difficult? Of course… a little! The company already makes dozens of phones selling at all price points, it could easily make two versions of its flagship. The question is not so much about the ability to produce such a device, but in the presence of two versions of a flagship… wait, are you saying that this is exactly what Samsung was doing just a couple of years ago? Yes, you’re right, so it can definitely be done!

A Galaxy without an S Pen could also use that vacant space for other creative ventures: bigger camera sensors? Another amazing opportunity! All those camera phones from China with a 1-inch sensor are taking over the market and Samsung can finally jump on the bandwagon.

An additional fifth camera? A crazy idea, but also incredibly exciting!

A more compact Galaxy Ultra?

Heck, all of these ideas sound so much more exciting than an S Pen to a person who never uses one!

Difficult decisions

For Samsung, however, the S Pen is more than just a stylus. It is a symbol of the brand. It’s nostalgic.

It would be a very difficult decision for Samsung’s leadership team to offer a flagship without an S Pen, perhaps a change of strategy, but I absolutely see it as the right one. Give users who want an S Pen the S Pen version, but don’t force most other users to get a phone with a feature they’ll never use.

But it could be Samsung’s sales that dictate this move. Recent leaks for the Galaxy S23 Ultra show an incredibly iterative update that’s unlikely to convince non-loyal users to switch. Samsung needs to inject new life into the series, it needs to shake things up a bit. As risky as it may seem to remove the S Pen, this is your golden opportunity to do so.

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