Why is my iPhone frozen? Looking at the facts and the solution!

Why is my iPhone frozen?  Looking at the facts and the solution!

While using iPhone, you will always face issues like white screen, black screen, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, frozen iPhone, etc. One of the most common issues that you will face on your device is iPhone screen freezing. Screen freezing can be very troublesome if you are doing something important. So having a great and reliable iOS system recovery tool in your arsenal is better. Read the article below to know the different causes of iPhone freezing and the process to resolve it.

Part 1: Why did my iPhone freeze? Reasons behind a frozen iPhone

Multiple reasons can cause your iPhone to freeze. The main reason is usually that your iPhone storage is insufficient. iPhone storage can easily fill up before you know there isn’t enough space left for your iPhone to run smoothly. The other reason could be that the apps you are using are buggy. While the Apple App Store has strict standards and an excellent app review process, not all app bugs can be identified and removed.

The other main reason why your iPhone keeps freezing is that your iOS version is outdated. If you don’t update iOS regularly, the performance of iPhone can be seriously affected. Similarly, if you have installed major iOS updates and your iPhone screen still freezes, check for uninstalled updates as you may have missed performance-related updates.

Part 2: What is the Ultimate iPhone System Recovery Tool? Wondershare dr.fone – System Repair (iOS)

The frozen screen on your iPhone is not easy on the eyes, and your desire to get rid of it is understandable. While there are many ways to resolve this issue, we recommend using dr.fone – System Repair (iOS). It is a robust and secure tool that can solve almost all issues related to iPhone system repair. iPhone system issues like iPhone frozen, white screen, Error 14, Error 2009, etc. can be solved by using dr.fone – System Recovery (iOS).

It works on all iOS versions including the latest iOS 16 and can fix over 150 iOS issues. You can also upgrade or downgrade the iOS version of your iPhone without iTunes. While fixing system issues, it offers you two modes, Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Using the standard mode can fix basic problems with your iPhone without deleting your data, and advanced mode can solve complex problems but will delete your data. If you want to delete your iPhone data permanently, you can use Anti-Recovery Mode.

Part 3: How can you solve iPhone frozen issues?

We have discussed the reasons why your iPhone froze and introduce you to dr.fone – System Repair (iOS). It’s time for you to learn how to solve frozen screen on your iPhone so that you can start using it again. Install dr.fone on your system and get a lightning cable to connect your iPhone. Then follow these simple steps to fix your iPhone freezing issue:

Step 1: Launch dr.fone and select System Repair

You will need to select “System Repair” after launching the dr.fone application. On the new screen, select “iOS” as it will solve the iPhone freezing issue. After that, select “iOS Repair” to start the process.

Step 2: Choose iPhone frozen error and repair mode

When you click “Fix iOS”, the program will open a possible list of errors that you can fix on your iPhone. Here choose iPhone frozen error and tap “Fix Now” to enable repair mode. You should always choose “Standard Repair” to avoid data loss.

Step 3: Put your iPhone in recovery mode

Your iPhone must be in recovery mode to start the repair process. To boot into recovery mode on your unresponsive iPhone, connect the device to your system and select “Recovery Mode Guide”. Now follow the instructions to enable recovery mode.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone and download the firmware

As soon as recovery mode is enabled on your iPhone, the program will automatically detect your iPhone model. It will also provide you with a possible list of firmware that your device might be using. Select the correct firmware and download it.

Step 5: Fix your frozen iPhone

After the program has installed the firmware and verified it, tap “Fix Now” to start the process. It will take some time and you will be able to see the progress bar on the screen. The iPhone will automatically restart once the process is complete.


Using the iPhone can be safer and more convenient than other smartphones, but it can’t avoid the system problems of an iPhone. You can’t always go to technicians to solve these problems, so you need a reliable tool that can handle most issues related to iPhone operation. dr.fone is an excellent all-in-one toolbox that can solve most iPhone problems in minutes.

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